Parenting in the age of anxiety — By Dr Zirak Marker

Why books on parenting have become so important these days? 

parentingParenting is perhaps one of the most challenging role played by human beings. It not just requires you to reach a considerable level of maturity & gain a lot of patience, it also requires you to sometimes step into your child’s shoes and pretty much be ‘them’ , think & feel like them ! Well, the challenges of parenting are not new to the world, but it has been dealt with differently across different generations. But a constant thing that we hear is , “things are not same anymore” and that is 100% fact.

Things have only become more difficult these, while there is sheer abundance on financial front , exposure, knowledge & information front, there is generally a big gap when it comes to the ‘Emotional & Mental well being”.

‘Hyperactive kids’ ‘Attention deficient’ ‘Bullying’ ‘Over exposure to internet’ , ‘Drug Abuse’ , ‘Personality disorder’ , ‘Sexual identity crisis’ , ‘teenage depressions’ you name it and you have it for almost every stages of children’s life.

The important point to consider here that has been repeatedly emphasized in the book is “After all who on earth is perfect”?

Every individual , kids or adults have some or the other physical, mental , emotional , behavioral dysfunction that breeds hatred, fights & arguments in a family. Something that will be extremely personal to that particular family but ultimately it depends on the family how they decide to deal with it.

Some heartfelt diary entries,

I loved the one by a mother of a Dyslexic child. It was so wonderfully written that I almost got my “Taare Zameen pe” moment back. Those of you who havnt seen this movie yet, must watch for that little boy Darshil if not Amir Khan. The helplessness of a child challenged with learning abilities & the struggle that the parents go through & particularly in this case the mother. This story raises some really important questions about our education system. As to how the “Child did not fail” it is the “System who failed him”.

Then there was a narration about a 20 something boy going through personality disorder, drug abuse, anger issues, depression, suicidal tendencies. If not in that magnitude, this story does reflect upon some of the issues that parents of late teenage children face these days.

There is very little known & spoken about these limitations and it is so important to really understand & empathize with those going through it. This book reminds all guardians and nurturers to grant themselves the right to make mistakes and give their children the freedom to err and recover. The book definitely aims at bringing about a positive change across families & homes.

About the Author : Dr Zirak Marker is the CEO of the Aditya Birla Integrated School for children with learning disabilities, ADHD and Autism. He is also a child psychiatrist and psychotherapist with over a decade of experience. 

Author: Dr Zirak Marker
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: May 2016
Genre: Non Fiction / Self Help
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