Writing your first book — By Priyanka Baranwal

Some of us write what we see or think in our dreams. And some of us simply live the dream to write something meaningful and praiseworthy. Words that will cut through. Words that will connect with the readers. 
Stories and characters that will make us immortals. 

Debutante author PRIYANKA BARANWAL , says it is important to DREAM.
Fascinated by the idea of seeing her name as an Author of a book , she decided to write…. and write her very own book….
And then started the journey of chasing and living that dream. 

Presenting ladies and gentleman , a candid conversation with our next #SuperWomanWriter and her fascinating journey of bringing to life her very first book – It’s Never Too Late. 
How is the journey from conceptualization to completion of the dream of writing your first book?

Writing the book , It’s Never Too Late  has been ultra fascinating. I have learn’t a lot of things. Firstly, I wrote a story that was magical for me. Then came the journey or rather the struggle of being a debutant author, handling daily life. All of these have made my life purposeful, meaningful and busier.
Do we get to see a reflection of you in your protagonist who comes out to be a strong, independent and a bold lady?

As a person, I am bold and straight forward. As I am a firm believer in family and relationships, I do not hesitate to do the best for my family. Maya happens to be the same person in such contexts. She is bold, ethereal and ready to do anything for her priceless family.

While drawing the protagonist, it is not imperative that it willreflect the author’s persona in definite ways. Sometimes, the traits an author desires to see in his/her own self automatically gets woven with the characters. That is why, sometimes we get to see the author’s reflection in the characters and sometimes their desires. But ultimately protagonists or other characters are drawn as per the story demands.

Newbie Authors need the pep up and the fuel to keep it going… Did you have writer’s block days? Tell us some memorable and challenging moments about the book.

Yes! There are always pros and cons to every situation. I have also faced some down moments or better say writer’s block. During those times, I just stopped writing for a while and pursued my other hobbies. Hobbies help you refresh and rejuvenate the creativity exactly the way you want. They helped me too.Also, my husband pepped me up by saying, ‘It’s never too late to start afresh’. These simple easy-peasy solutions raveled my day every time!

What have you grown up reading and which are your favorite genres? 
Basically I love reading all the genres given they are written in manners that suits my taste. I grew up reading Hindi novels and I love them. You will find a good collection of Hindi novels in my bookshelves too. I love reading Shivani, Premchand and Guru Dutt in particular. I desire to write Hindi novels too and will hopefully write some day.

My first English novel was Eric Segal’s Doctors and I am still in love with it completely. Then I continued with Dan Brown and now, several other authors like Sydney Sheldon, Nora Roberts, Amanda Hocking, Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma are part of my library. I try to read verity of genres and still in continuation of growing my collection in terms of diversity. I also prefer to read Indian writers.

We would love to have a message for budding journalists and newbie writers.

“Fulfill your dreams. Do not wait for the right moment. Make the current moment right. Stay connected with your family. They are the biggest supporters. Have faith in yourself. Despite of what the world considers you, what you think of yourself in truest senses actually matters”. 

Best wishes!
Priyanka Baranwal 
Author of : It’s Never Too Late 
Published by : Srishti Publishers and Distributors. 

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