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Yamini is a writer, fashion blogger, motivational speaker, winner of Ms India Popular 2017, contributor at Hindustan Times, groomer and a pageant coach. Juggling so many roles at a time, Yamini has written her first fiction ‘Does Love Give A Second Chance.’ Chatting with her was lovely, here’s what we discovered of her writing journey.

It Was Love That Led Me To Writing

My mother herself is a natural writer and studied Hindi. My father is an IAS official and I was born and brought up amidst the people for whom the pen was the biggest power to win small and big battles. It was taken as the most prized possession by which one could build ones world of realities. 
Being the eldest girl child of my parents I was given the first pain of gender bias by the society when my mom was often given advices by the aunties to treat me with some home remedies to enhance my complexion as I got tanned while playing outdoors. My Alma mater, my pride was not only my second home but the haven in this shallow world where I had learnt to love myself. I knew that there was a line of demarcation between confidence and arrogance. I wrote a short story for racists to arouse them against racism and body shaming. .

It was much later in life when I had a rendezvous with the love of my life. True love lets you meet the inner you hidden deep down yourself. Meeting my innate soul was like meeting my strength. The angel awakened me to discover the other side of me. I didn’t recognise the hidden treasures of talents until he introduced me to that replica of mine that was hidden in my silhouette.

The Beginning of My Writing Journey

I really don’t know when the pen became a fantasy device for me as it found its way into my heart whenever the world seemed an alien land. Apart from the childhood memories of writing for my school magazine about my tiny victories, I have mostly written at times of dismay and agony. No, I am definitely not a sadist not am I a feminist at frenzy of a so-called gender-war but I find my throat choked and my tongue stuck over an emotional trauma to an extent that my fingers work on their art of speaking to my soul. 

It was only in my graduation days when I discovered a writer who could pour the emotions of my friends on the sheets of paper to make their loved ones happy. Many came to me with their incomplete love stories, sometimes to express their silence and sometimes their emotional outbursts. Till then, I borrowed the emotions and painted the paper with them. 

‘Does Love Give A Second Chance’ – My First Book

Does Love Give A Second Chance is not only my first book but my first love.  It is rightly said that we rise in love and this book has proved the saying by giving birth to an author who was striving to be so through those miniature crafts of love poems for friends and their hearts’ delights. 

I wrote this book to leave the legacy of Forever Love behind me, so that all those who go through break ups believe more in light than darkness.

Love never dies, it survives the storms to let the world believe in it. 

Steps and Hurdles I Faced While Writing

The world was not so beautiful and helping to me as it was exactly contrary to my world of fonts where I loved, lived, laughed, cried and even yelled at times. Writing this book was like exploring the world and its people even more than what I could do through my eyes. You see the world clearly only when you go through an unfulfilled dream, a sucking soul that yearns to be with its mate. At the time I was writing, many around me mocked at me as they thought that there was a huge difference between writing a book and trying to write. One of my friends was so inquisitive to know the title that she even frowned at the genre of my novel . “So, it’s about love? Did you go through a heartbreak?”

Heartbreaks are perhaps meant for those who are true in all relationships. Somehow, true love and its journey is always tough as it does not believe in pretensions and fake smiles.

A Message To The Readers

Through Does Love Give A Second Chance, I have conveyed a very strong  message to the planet and its people –

We should always feed our love with trust and patience.

This book will give you an insight into the peaks and valleys of love. Perhaps you too need to live this book once to know what love looks like.

Author(s): Yamini Sinha
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: January 2019
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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