‘Writing Helps Me To Handle My Real Life.’: Abir Mukherjee

‘Sometimes, we need to camouflage ourselves under a layer of fragility to make our enemies complacent enough to make mistakes.’ —Abir Mukherjee, Sin Is The New Love

Abir Mukherjee is an IT professional based in Bangalore. He loves to sketch and write. He describes himself as a loner. He doesn’t believe in luck. ‘All the factors of success is not in my hand completely but my hard work is and no one can take that away from me,’ he says.

A keen observer, Abir started writing, professionally, with ‘As Life Has No Undo’, his debut novel. ‘Sin is the New Love’ is his latest book.

Why Does Abir Write?

‘To write is to forget. Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life.’ — Fernando Pessoa

Every writer has their own reason to write. If you ask them, you are most likely to receive an interesting answer. So, why does Mr. Abir Mukherjee write?

‘Writing is my lifeline, an escape from the pressure of my IT job and real life. I feel in control and refreshed while writing; it’s never a compulsion for me. I breathe writing, savoring the Godhood through my characters. I feel pleasure to play with their lives in my stories.’

‘Some disturbing memories of my college days acted as a trigger.’ He recalls. ‘I had to clarify my standpoint to lot of people back then. Hence, I poured my heart out in my first book, ‘As Life Has No Undo’ and my writing journey started,’ he says.

 The Writing Process

 We all have different lifestyle, different circumstances and different methods of doing things. What’s Abir’s process of writing?

Mr. Mukherjee believes in maping out the plot in his mind before he starts writing. ‘I don’t have any specific time to write as I write all the time in my mind during normal daily activities,’ he says. ‘I revise a particular plot or scene of my story until it’s clear and vivid in my mind, like I’m living them; even minute details have to fit in perfectly.’

Now this is an interesting {and kinda tough, in my opinion} approach!

Abir never felt the need to balance his day job and writing because he feels that his writing helps him to handle the various aspects of his real life.

About the book – Sin Is The New Love

Thrilling and mysterious, ‘Sin is the New Love’, published by Srishti Publishers, is the journey of a girl who stumbles upon the truth about her origin while chasing her dream. It’s a story about an aspiring publisher, Ahi who is desperate to get a breakthrough for her small publication house, Ankur. Eventually, her hands fall on a sensitive manuscript from an influential author, Devang Awasthi. Author vividly describes his heinous crimes and few eminent people of the society as his partners in crime. What would she do?

Sounds intriguing. ”Sin is the New Love” is Abir Mukherjee’s third novel and he believes it’s his best work so far.

How did Abir think of this story? ‘This story found me,’ he replies.

‘The soul of ‘Sin is the New Love’ is characterization and its twisted plot. I tried my best to paint each character of this book with different shades of human flaws. ‘It’s is a blend of emotions, thriller, suspense, wickedness and erotica,’ he describes his book in an interesting manner.

Abir Mukherjee believes that readers will love the detailed characterization and the unpredictability of the plot.

Abir’s Favourite Writer

Reading is an essential part of a write’s life. So, naturally, Abir is a reader. Who’s Abir’s favourite? ‘Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, the creator of Byomkesh Bakshi is my all-time favorite and my inspiration,’ he says.

Some words of wisdom for aspiring writers

As always, through this interview, we have brought some pearls of wisdom to you.

‘I am still an explorer in the world of literature. However, I have learned few things in my short writing career – if you are an aspiring author, don’t compare your first step with twentieth step of other author; though there are exceptions but nothing happens overnight.’ Abir shares his thoughts. He adds further. ‘Invest more time on your manuscript {Thinking of a unique plot, building realistic characters and editing} than pretending to be a celebrity on social networking sites.’

Unique plot and realistic characters work. Indeed!

‘Work hard to earn more good reviews and ratings than getting more likes on your page and blue star besides your name on social media. Try your best to win reader’s heart through your story than becoming a motivational speaker.’ Mr. Mukherjee suggests.

Author(s): Abir Mukherji
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: August 2018
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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