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There is an old story about two woodcutters. One was big, strong and cut wood non-stop 10 hours every day. The other guy was smaller and would cut wood only six hours a day. But at the end of each day the small guy had always cut a lot more wood than the butch lumberjack. Everyone wondered how he did it.
The answer was simple. The smaller guy spent a lot more time sharpening his axe.

Why Should You Go To A Writing Retreat?

It is the same with us writers. And this April we have a great opportunity to sharpen our axes with an amazing teacher. The Himalayan Writing Retreat is hosting The Advanced Writing Workshop, led by Erika Krouse. This can benefit many writers in the Writersmelon community. Erika is an expert author and mentor flying in from the US to work with just ten writers in the lofty Himalayas. She has published novels, short story collections, and has optioned her writing for TV shows in the US. She has taught writing at the Lighthouse Writing Workshop in Denver for eleven years. She’s won the Beacon award for teaching excellence. Chetan Mahajan, a Penguin published author, will be helping Erika through the workshop.

About The Workshop

Each day of the workshop has two sessions – morning, and afternoon. In the morning session, the participants focus on generating new, fresh writing. Erika starts with the day’s topic – usually an aspect of the craft of writing. She then guides the group of writers through writing exercises to explore the new ideas they’re learning about. Some of these morning sessions will feature an outing to bring the world into our writing.

The afternoon session gets into workshop mode. Writers read each other’s work and offer creative suggestions for improvement. Safe, friendly discussions focus on constructive solutions to bring each excerpt or story to its highest potential. To prepare for these workshops, each participant will submit 7-15 (double-spaced) pages of writing to the group in advance. The group discusses them, along with a published piece that focuses on the craft topic from the morning.

Embellishing all this, of course, are the Himalayas. We go for long walks, enjoy bonfires and stargazing with Pahadi Chai. There is good food, pure air, unspoilt snowy views, and much laughter.

The Himalayan Writing Retreat

The venue of this workshop is the Himalayan Writing Retreat. It is the only place in India dedicated solely to writers and writing. The retreat is nestled in an orchard in a small village in Nainital District, Uttarakhand. It has spectacular views, and little writing nooks and corners all over for writers to explore.

How To Reach The Venue

To reach here the simplest way is to take the Shatabdi from Delhi to Kathgodam. From Kathgodam it is a cab ride of about 2 and a half hours. There are some flight options too. Since this is a workshop and not a classroom setting, only 10 writers are accepted. Every applicant needs to submit a writing sample, and the current acceptance rate stands at 50%. It isn’t cheap at 35k, but former participants tell us it is well worth the investment. The retreat is rated five-star on both Facebook and Google.

To learn more, and to apply, you can visit the event webpage at The Himalayan Writing Retreat

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Chetan Mahajan
Chetan loves writing, teaching and entrepreneurship. He brought all these together, and created the Himalayan Writing Retreat. What started off as an experiment has now become India's first writing destination which runs a wide variety of retreats and workshops for writers. Chetan blogs about life in a Himalayan village at www.uncity.blog. This blog won the Indiblogger award for Humour in 2017.

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