Writer by chance — By Sujata Parashar

“Behind every successful story there’s a heart which won’t give up till it gets to tell its story.” — Says Sujata Parashar, our #SuperWomanWriter (6).  Read her journey of being a writer .. Writer by chance. 
I am a writer by chance. I had no intention of publishing my first novel. It was being written for personal consumption or to share with friends and family only. But midway into it I decided to approach a few publishers because I thought the story was quite different and might appeal to some publisher. I had absolutely no clue about how to approach a publisher so I wrote a few lines and e mailed it to all the established publishers in Delhi. It was sheer luck that Rupa and co. read and liked the sample chapters; I had the presence of mind to attach with my e mail. The day I signed the contract with them remains one of the most memorable days of my life.

I was working on a social development project as a freelancer when my first book happened. My son was really small and I had just relocated back to India from Singapore. But despite all that I did not feel as if I was juggling things. The story was writing itself. I was just the medium. Even after I’d signed the contract with Rupa I was not overly stressed or worried about writing or completing the story. In fact, that was the first time I realised how much I enjoyed writing.  

My message to all aspiring to be successful writers: 

Just follow the four steps mentioned below and your success is guaranteed:

And finally, never say never. 


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sujataparashar.com , which has all the details about her past work. 


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