Write Humour, They Said. You Can’t Go Wrong, They Said.

With more than 7 billion people in this world, it’s pretty obvious that writing to awe every single one of them is difficult. Any writer will tell you that being funny in the written language is a lot harder than it looks. I’ll be discussing three reasons that believe make writing humour difficult. These reasons are: Everyone is unique with their ideas of likes and dislikes, good and bad, Writing humour does not bring out the essence that a verbal joke can and finally, it is a lot easier to be serious.


Everybody has their own ideas of what’s funny and what isn’t. There are also those who don’t find humor an interesting genre to read. But those who do enjoy a good laugh, their ideas of what makes them laugh is obviously different from the next person. This makes it super hard for the authors to pick what kind of humor is best suited for their book. Not to mention the risks of offending someone or a group.

So, the question arises, how do you as an author decide what kind of humour to use in your book? Do you pick a certain style and genre and address your book to a particular group of people who will enjoy it and in the process risk backlash from the rest who don’t particularly enjoy it? Or do you forget your readers and write what makes you laugh and just hope for the best? It is a choice that’s difficult to make. Granted, it is a choice that is present in all genres.


Another reason which is as obvious as the light of day, is that the written word often removes the effect which is present in verbal communication. When the readers are left to imagine certain humorous situations, they often mistake what the author actually meant. This in turn destroys the humorous intent, leaving the readers confused about what’s going on.

To avoid situations like these, it is imperative that the writer chooses the words carefully to help the readers imagine the situation for the way it actually is.


Lastly, I believe that the reason why it is easy to write a drama with no humour is because in drama as long as the story line is captivating, you’re good to go. But in humour if your readers don’t laugh, you’re doomed. Society time and again encourages us to be serious about what we do. And this push towards seriousness has made it easier for us to think of stories that are dramatic instead of funny.

As a kid in school, any humour or any kind of mischief was frowned upon. It was discouraged. So, to write something funny, it takes a lot of effort to imagine an original and unique storyline that can evoke laughter from your readers.

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