What Is Work? (Sinjini Sengupta)

Work? What is work? What I do is not that, for sure. I do what I cannot not do, rather. For example, can you not smile when you hear a good joke? Yes, like that. Just like that.

sinjiniOn holidays, that is, I have it particularly easy. I just need to close my eyes when I am already awake, just so that I can notice what I am feeling and how. Happy? Sad? Angry, maybe? Or, not too sure? Very well! Go take the chair, there. In front of the laptop. Too lazy? Don’t bother then. You have your phone in arm’s reach anyway! Just say it. Just say it, with your fingers. Happy with a grin or green with envy, your words will stay your best friends in every form and shape. And colours. What’s more? Once you let them out, the first few one, they can even make themselves! So before you know, you’d have drawn inspiration out of nowhere (just a few minutes of closing of eyes, maximum) and you have been able to head start.

Okay, okay. Not all days are good. I agree. Work days for example, are different. There is an alarm button to snooze, and then not to snooze. There is work to rush to, things to do. And before you know your head is bursting with so many other things that even as you close your eyes – if you can – nothing comes from thin air. Agreed. Some days, it does not happen that way, as easily. I know. On such days, here is trick number two. Just freshen up, and move your ass. Pick yourself up and walk yourself to the balcony/ window/ washroom basin. Kitchen, printer room, basement parking. Anywhere! Just look around. Choose a spot. And then, fix your gaze. Look.

And then, once you are back at your desk, describe it. Just start, from wherever you are and whatever you see. I tell you, ‘the sky was dark grey’ could be an excellent start to a bestseller too, someday. Nothing’s going to stop it; Or you, too.

Ah, I see your point. Yes, happens with me too. Some days, the finger joints jam up. They don’t feel like writing. On such days, use my third rule for inspiration. Stride into Facebook and march into one of the active groups you are a part of. Watch what they are discussing. Whatever it may be, it is likely that provoking each other up or they are pulling each other down all the same irrespective of the motion of the debate. Pick up the heat from there. Think what you may have to say. Oh hold, wait. Don’t say them there, ever. You may just get virtually mass murdered. Save them. Save the heat and the points. Close the window. Come back. Now, open a blank document. See?

Work? Who said anything about work? I do not work in my spare time! Spare times are spare times. You see, I just write!



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