I Work Hard, I Write (Romila Chitturi)

romilaWhenever I am asked whether #ILoveMyWork as a writer, my immediate answer comes as YES. Writing allows me to create a world just the way I want to create it. And, writing allows me to transport my readers to that world to experience it as a real place, to expose their minds and emotions. I always try to write well to earn my readers’ trust enough to engage with them one-on-one. It boils down to this confidence, I think, which inspires me to write. I am a writer and I love words. I chose this profession on the basis of my love of writing.  I feel a sense of completeness when I write. I hold a pen and start writing in a notebook. I open up my laptop and start to type away and right now I am enjoying the simple act of typing my thoughts. Love has no raison d’être and I so agree with it. Writing, for me, is an unparalleled experience. It has been in my blood, haunts my thoughts both waking and dreaming and is a soul-deep drive. And it is an enthusiasm that inspires my work and empowers it.

I write to understand my reactions to different situations. I write to make sense of how others react to me. I write so that I can feel one with my thoughts. I can contact the minds of the readers and touch their life. I write to make sense of the thoughts in my head, to bring out parts of myself into something substantial. Writing allows me space and time to express myself more realistically than I might in conversation. Not only is the process of writing challenging and exciting, when I am finished I have the reward of a story that I have brought to life. I feel that writing is a soothing exercise which helps me to make sense of the world by exploring my own written ones. Writing expresses feelings in a way that is only possible through the process of putting words on paper–and that is a one-off experience. #ILoveMyWork – truly, madly and deeply.

Aristotle’s definition of happiness is ‘deploying your full force along lines of excellence.’ Being a writer lets me do exactly that. I work hard. Not only is writing something I enjoy, but it’s something I simply need to do. When I look at people who don’t like to write, I make my way inside their heads and wonder why they’re like that.

Writing has been my dream and I am so happy living it. To me being a published author is ambitious and writing each day, I work slowly towards my goal. I know I can make it because if writing has taught me anything, it’s taught me how to make my dreams come true.



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