I Work On My Conditions (Bushra Nausheen)

Hey, what’s up? What are you doing? Are you enjoying or just carrying it with boredom? Each of us is working and we either enjoy our work or take it as a task just to complete our life cycle.

I always ask questions to myself like ‘Is it the work that I want to do? Am I enjoying my work?’

My answer to the questions is Yes.

bushraYes, I love my work. This dates a long time back when I was a kid, day-dreaming about being a doctor. Everyone around me tried to brainwash my parents, saying ‘She’s a girl, why does she need to be highly educated? ‘ Some said, ‘You are spending so much money on your girl’s education, will you able to get an educated groom for her?’ Some said, ‘This much money can take care of her marriage affairs.’

One day, my parents called me up & asked me, ‘You have to choose one – marriage or education.’ I was straight-forward and replied, ‘I want to add Doctor as a prefix to my name, I would be glad if you the spend money on my education that you saved for my marriage.’

Time passed by. My parents stood by my back & supported me through my journey of becoming a doctor.

After becoming a doctor life is also not so easy; I have to choose my path of work. Being a Gynaecologist, we have to perform OPDs, IPDs, ND & D&Cs (abortion). From the beginning, I decided not to perform any abortion. It’s a big No for me!

My parents & colleagues said, ‘You will not be successful & in demand if you don’t perform it.’ I replied, ‘My self-esteem, values & education are not for sale, I will not do it. I’ll not follow the crowd, rather walk alone.’

Yes, my work is at risk, but always remember:

If your work is at risk, it means your life is beautiful

I know that I will not be on hotlist of Doctors, I will not earn that much, but how can I eat, drink & sleep peacefully by performing such an act. I always joined the job on my conditions, I will not do abortions until unless it’s the patient’s medical need.

Yes, I love my work, do it on my conditions, following all the rules & values that I have set for it. This gives me mental peace & satisfaction. And I’m happy, the day I’ll die I will have no regrets from my life & my work.

My dad always said:

गिरते हैं शाह सवार ही मैदान जांग में

वो तुफल क्या गिरे जो घुटनों के बल चलें

That’s my story of work. I evaluate every bit of it! What’s your work story? Evaluate it before it’s too late.



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