Why I write ?

Our team thought that we must feature a witty and light-hearted book this week. And gladly we discovered it pretty quick. Now, this one is special because not only it is one of the funniest book that we have in hand but also it revolves around one of the best phases of life- motherhood. For all those parents and for the parents-to-be who may be dealing with physical and emotional challenges , you must dive into this tongue-in-cheek book to pep-up yourself right away….
But before we get a sneak peek into her new book, we asked the author just one question. The same question that often writers ask themselves , their readers ask them and of course the family & friends don’t miss a chance…
A question that is evergreen , interesting and we are asking one more time !
I write to reflect, to savour and to relive moments from my life that have gone by too quickly. Time can be capricious; it is a known fact that it goes faster when we are happy. How then do I turn every memorable moment, be it a train journey or the first time I learnt to swaddle my child or the last time I said goodbye to a loved one into a ‘forever’ experience?
I do that in retrospect, I do it when I write. It is only then that tiny fragments from my memory hidden in the ordinarily unreachable lofts of my mind become accessible to me and once again I become that person on the train, the woman with the baby, the daughter kissing her last goodbye.
A bit about myself:
I am a blogger, an inveterate traveler, a columnist for the Conde Nast Traveller and the author of Battle Hymn of a Bewildered Mother (which is officially a bestseller now, immodest as it sounds.)
I have been contributing to a host of publications as a guest columnist now and then.
Here is my blog.


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