Why Did He Hate me ?

The shouts, the cries, the fake condolences
The condemnations, the long speeches, and those sad faces

The helpless kid on the street, the hapless people on the road
The crying mother, the wailing wife
The ‘breaking news’ and the broken hearts
The lives lost and the jihads won
I have seen them all. And I have seen a lot.
I felt the pain. But with time I forgot.
And today the broken heart and the sad face are mine.
And I can’t fathom how to get on with my Life.
It’s broken, it’s shattered, and it’s changed forever.
And as I lay dead here, I know for me it’s over.
I don’t remember whether am a Hindu or a Muslim
All I care about is my blood spilling all over
I don’t know who shot me. I don’t think He knew me.
But he had hatred in his eyes. And a gun in his hands.
Why did he kill me? I wanted to live.
I wanted to travel. See this beautiful world.
I wanted to live the only life I had.
I wanted to party. I wanted to love.
I wanted to learn. I wanted to grow.
Why did he take it all away?
My hopes , my dreams , my love , my life ?
Why did he hate me? What have I done?

——— Demented Dreamer


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