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when love finds you yashodhara lal

I had heard of Yashodhara Lal and that she is an amazing writer. So, when the opportunity to review her new book, When Love Finds You came along, I lapped it up eagerly. And Yashodhara Lal made sure to stand up to the reputation that preceded her!

wlfyWhat the book Is all about:

When Love Finds You is the story of Natasha. Strong, independent, badass Natasha. No-mincing-words Natasha. Opinionated Natasha. Aloof Natasha. Rude Natasha. Overcommitted, overzealous workaholic Natasha. A toenail out of place and she snaps. She can snub the living daylights out of people. And every time this happens in the story, you wince, say “OUCH!” to yourself, and grin at her nerve.

All these qualities somewhat stun you. It is hard to believe someone like Natasha exists, and then you remember that it is fiction. This is exactly what interested me further in how her life would finally turn out.

When Love Finds You – iIs all about characterization:

The character sketch is done brilliantly within the first 30 pages of the book. It is strong enough that people who do not hail from such job backgrounds would be able to identify with it. Since I come from a similar field and have a number of friends who are still there, I know what it is like to have a boss like Natasha (though I’ve never experienced such). Instinct tells me to take up arms against her.

Just the first few pages gave me the urge to shut the book because of how infuriating Natasha can be. Her character is immensely annoying. It’s a testament to the awesomeness with which author Yashodhara Lal has written the characters and the story. As the book goes by, you sort of start rooting for Natasha. A hope that she changes bit by bit, either by self-realization or by an experience that brings about the change simmers.

Yashodhara Lal uses her experience in marketing and sales to sketch up a job profile and working points for Natasha. This makes for an impressive read since it is so authentic in its description. The author’s real life interests obviously make an appearance in When Love Finds You. Yoga and fitness in general slyly suggest to the readers the numerous advantages of practising Yoga. Yes, Ms Lal, we hear you!

As you immerse yourself in the story, you are introduced to the soft side of the badass boss Natasha. But it’s a little worrying: Is it too little to sustain her through life? You start wondering if a good phase is indeed in store for Natasha. And if it is, how long will it last, you ask. She goes through her life, looking apprehensively and detachedly at what comes at her. Still, the narration is such that you even feel a little optimistic for Natasha and root for a positive change in her life. Again, the author’s brilliance in detailing!

When Love Finds You gives you many cleverly wrapped life lessons. One of them is that about unintentional goodness. Sometimes, you do good while being selfish that makes quite a difference. All this with a hint of the subtlest humour, enough to make you chuckle.

History comes calling and piques your interest as to how it could possibly bear weight on the storyline. But it is just the explanation and the therapy needed to push the story forward. What it gives and how Natasha takes it is a critical point of the story.

Why the book works:

There are so many ways in which When Love Finds You is amazing: acceptance of your flaws, confronting your fears and your past, achieving calm and peace, accepting love into your life, looking past people’s flaws and into their depths! It is a beautiful combination of everyday irritation (not evil) and a compelling goodness that makes you smile. It is beautifully written and even made me shed a few tears at a few places. And slightly arrogant, no-nonsense, badass Natasha finding love without giving up any of her qualities is a sight to behold!

Yashodhara Lal in When Love Finds You is a master at work, pulling in every trick in her book to make it an astounding blockbuster of a read!

Author: Yashodhara Lal
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release: October 2016
Genre: Fiction / Contemporary
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