Welcome 2014 .

I know this post should have been up yesterday, if not at least before 12midnight. Though I am pretty sure that most of you would have had no time to read this – busy partying or busy making new year resolutions while partying , isnt’t it? 
Lose weight , Sleep less, Eat less, Read more, Lose Weight , Less on facebook/twitter and more time to meaningful writing , Lose Weight, less of television and more time for books, Lose Weight…well my list almost includes all of these and  I am sure the one in bold is there in almost all the list. 
As per  one of the surveys :
Only 8% people achieve their targets while close to 45% do make new year resolution. And losing weight tops the chart of resolutions while the other popular ones are : Getting Organized , Spend less save more, Learn something exciting. 
So my suggestion would be, forget about the resolutions, especially the one in bold. Pull out the jeans that fits you and the embrace the year with a big tight hug. Pick up what cheers you up and leave behind things that brings you down. Forget about any list , only remember the best times , the party(ies) that you enjoyed , people who you met and would love to meet again. Make a simple promise to yourself that – “You will take life as it comes and will ONLY be positive about every little battle that life throws at you”. 
Welcome 2014 . Bring it on… 
But you know what? At Writersmelon we are gaining weight ! Yes true. And no, we ain’t complaining. The common insane passion for books and quality writing that sparked off this idea and sowed the seeds of this Melon is stepping into its 5th year. Yayyy ! All new look, a more focused team and a clearer vision await us.
We thank you all for being there with us , loving us and bearing our silliest (though honest) attempts to stand out. 
Have a splendid year ahead. Loads of wishes. 
The results of all the three giveaways (Bookmarked,Soldier & Spice, TWL) are out. Individual e mails will be sent out to the winners. 
— Enjoy reading. Take a slice in writing ! 
    Team Writersmelon


One thought on “Welcome 2014 .

  1. Hi Manjulika and team
    Good to be here via your
    other blog. This is really
    a wonderful page, that you I mean your page is getting more weight
    that is really good news!! No space to worry LOL
    I am so glad to join in.
    Keep informed.
    Have a wonderful and profitable New Year and a Happy Weekend.

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