‘We Will Meet Again’ – A novel by Tarang Sinha turns one & here’s why you will love it !

My first book – “We Will Meet Again” turns one on 31st July.

This story and its characters are so close to my heart, that I feel like sharing everything about the book & my journey again. This was initially a short story, when I was starting out to write. But, the idea seemed too broad for a short story and writing a novel was out of my imagination. So I left it unfinished. However, the story would not leave me. So in 2011 I dared to turn it into a novel, but did not like what I wrote. I started working on it again with a new and more conversational, reader friendly style that prompted major changes in 2014 and finally finished writing in 2015.

“We Will Meet Again” is a mature love story.

It deals with strong and relatable characters and convincing situations. 

It’s not just about falling in love, it’s about believing in love and growing in a beautiful relationship.

Being a freelance writer and now a author, I can say for sure that writing and reading gives me solace like no other thing in this world. Although I love writing, it is a challenging job for me to follow a strict writing schedule being a mother of a super-active 4-year-old. But, when you love something, you make time for that. So, I am determined to make time for my writing.

I write, because I prefer writing over speaking and I think it is one of most beautiful way to express. 

I write to settle the eddy of thoughts whirling in my always-occupied mind. 

And I believe, writing (and reading) is a beautiful chance to live a different life in a different world.

So why not dwell in the world of stories for a while?


About the Book : Paridhi Mathur, dusky, beautiful, and single, is doing everything to keep her academic records high and her love life nil, but lady luck keeps frowning at her. When she meets Abhigyan Ambastha, rich – devastatingly handsome, intense and sometimes curt, her resolve wavers. Despite regular warnings from her ever-suspicious heart, she inexplicably gets attracted towards him. But she would not let him trespass her soul. Why? Is she scared of mendacious face of love her past has inflicted on her? Is Abhigyan’s life really that perfect as it seems? Can Paridhi trust Abhigyan? Will a blissful breeze of love ever kiss her heart?
A heart-warming saga of dreams and desires, We Will Meet Again promises to make you smile and cry at the same time. Hold on to your hearts before embarking on this roller coaster ride of emotions!


My advice for aspiring writers would be,

  • Write, not just procrastinate. The prime job of a writer is to write. So if anyone wants to be a writer, he/she must start writing.
  • Writing comes first. Publishing your works comes later.Published or not published, if you love to write, you are a writer.
  • Also, I believe that for a writer, reading is equally important as writing, so a writer should read a lot! And, don’t just read for enjoyment. Understand the craft. Reading good books could be a learning experience.
  • And, most importantly, never give up! You need to be very patient and persistent.Don’t listen to those people who try to discourage you or maybe laugh at your endeavours. You know your craft better. If you believe in your craft, you will have the last laugh!

About the Author: Tarang Sinha is a freelance writer and editor. She is an avid reader and active Blogger. Her works have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, Woman’s Era and Alive, and a bestselling anthology “Uff Ye Emotions 2”. A science graduate, she holds a Diploma in Creative Writing in English from IGNOU. ‘We Will Meet Again…’ is her first novel.

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Tarang Sinha is a freelance writer & author of 'We Will Meet Again'. Her works have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, New Woman, Woman's Era, Alive, and a best-selling anthology @ Uff Ye Emotions 2.

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