A Walk In The Rain – By Udai Yadla

A walk in the rain - udai yadla

Many moments could inflict pain upon you. The worst form of pain is perhaps when you see your loved ones suffer. Saloni sees her mother suffer. Her life used to be beautiful. A man named Hari made an offer. His offer was to take care of her mother. In return, Saloni should surrender herself to Hari’s intentions.

Surrender, for Saloni, was the end of life, as she knew it. This moment of surrender transfigures her life into a grotesque one. She is forced into prostitution.

The passivity that blessed any prostitute’s life was in surrendering to the will of destiny. However, Saloni wasn’t someone who easily surrendered her will. A Walk in the Rain encapsulates the journey of Saloni that she undertakes to gather the precious, meaningful things in life.

An introvert named Surya learns that life would be endlessly beautiful if he could move out of the shell of inhibition. He discovers paradise-like beauty in life with his best friend Sandhya, when he was a schoolchild. She calls him Sunny. She calls her Sandy. They were best friends. Their lives crossed paths when he was in fifth standard. However, as the case with all beautiful moments, this moment too, ended.

Sunny snapped into his shell of inhibition again.

Pooja is another prostitute whom Saloni meets in the perilous journey she was forced to take.

Sunny, who matures as an adult, realizes that he could not forget Sandy, his first love. Imran, his best friend, takes him to a brothel. Sunny’s mind wanders back to his old love right on its doorsteps. He encounters fate in the form of Saloni and loses his best friend Imran to a skirmish with Hari, Saloni’s caretaker.

A Walk in the Rain, written by Udai Yadla, is a novel that combines romance and suspense skillfully.

Udai Yadla has a fresh voice as a writer and A Walk in the Rain appears to be a good attempt at creating a highly readable romantic fiction.

Using post-modern strategies in his writing, the author has created breaks according to time as well as succeeded in keeping the chapter structures based on thematic unity.

Hari is the killer of Sunny’s best friend, Imran. Hari ruined Saloni’s life. Both these characters seek vengeance.

Readers should approach A Walk in the Rain with patience to keep on until the end to know the final denouement. Author Udai Yadla is successful in stretching the climactic action to the end of the book, where the readers could see what really transpires in the lives of the two protagonists.

Published by Kyron Publications, A Walk in the Rain arrives in a wonderful cover that suggests romantic elements. Udail Yadla is a “mechanical engineer by education, Software engineer by profession, and Writer by passion.”

Udai Yadla has been nominated for Forbes India Celebrity 100 List for 2015. He has been associated with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) for around over 10 years as SAP consultant. Like any other Indian, Cricket is his favorite sport and is an ardent fan of Sourav Ganguly (Dada).

What happens to Sunny’s first love, Sandy? Would Sunny and Sandy ever meet and ‘walk in the rain’, together? What happens to Saloni and Pooja and Sam and Irfan and many other characters we meet on the way?

These questions are answered at the end of the novel. It doesn’t seem wise of me to share them here.


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