Secretly Yours – By Vikrant Khanna

secretly yoursAfter When Life Tricked Me and Love Lasts Forever, Vikrant Khanna is back with another novel titled Secretly Yours. The story of this book revolves around Sahil, a seventeen-year-old living in the quaint town of Shimla who has lost both of his parents and is survived by his siblings, an elder brother and a sister. They live with their grandmother, who often blames Sahil for being a lackadaisical individual without any goals in life. Frustrated, Sahil goes into a self-depreciating routine. One thing that keeps him ‘alive’ is playing the guitar. And it is during his musical concert he sees Anya, a beautiful girl. His chance encounter with her leaves him spellbound.

But that very night, two gruesome murders rock Shimla. A few days later he meets Anya again, this time at his guitar classes at the Musica, an academy he subs at. Sahil notices that there is certainly more that meets the eye. What is it about Anya that is so uncanny?

I picked this book out of sheer curiosity to read the works of bestselling author Vikrant Khanna. I personally felt the story is a leaf out of Stephanie Meyer‘s Twilight series, and those who have read the same may find a few similarities. It is a quick read, as the author has maintained short and crisp chapters to keep a reader engaged. To keep the story flowing, simple and lucid language has been used throughout the book. However, for me the flow took a dip right after the startling revelation in the latter parts of the book. But the author picked up pace towards the end; and a well thought of ending it was!

Vikrant has beautifully described the various parts of the picturesque town of Himachal Pradesh and woven it well into the story-line. The crux of the story has a wider goal than just being a supernatural subject. It makes a reader think about the subject of life and death; with a theory of how the deeds we carry out in our life may consequence our after-life and beyond. Of how the things in human life that are taken for granted can seem like a luxury to those deprived of it.

Full of interesting twists and turns, this makes for a quick and light read in a single sitting.

About the Author:

Vikrant Khanna is a captain in the Merchant Navy. He is the bestselling author of When Life Tricked Me and Love Lasts Forever. Apart from writing, he is fond of composing songs and playing the guitar. He lives in New Delhi.

Author: Vikrant Khanna
Publisher: Penguin
Release: June 2016
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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