Rightfully Wrong, Wrongfully Right — By Varsha Dixit

varsha dixitThis book is the third in a series called ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ from the author Varsha Dixit. The others being Right Fit, Wrong Shoe and Wrong Means, Right End. But, it is not a trilogy. The characters are repeated though the focus is on a different couple in each of the books. I have not read the first two books. However, reading the third one, I never felt a lack of not knowing the background. The book can be read independently.

In this book, the protagonists are Gayatri, a rich brat who is on a redeeming path and a ‘mad scientist’ called Viraj. Viraj has struggled all his life overcoming poverty and abuse, studying on a scholarship and is a self-made person. In contrast, Gayatri has been born with the proverbial golden spoon who is super rich and has never had to lift a finger to achieve anything. One would judge such a person to be vain and arrogant. However, Gayatri is well-educated and is on a path to self-discovery and redemption. She wants to be independent as she is financially dependent on her father, but is unemployed.

Viraj and Gayatri make an unlikely pair. It is a perfect recipe for romance.

She is able to fight off goons, start her own business and succeed too. She also lives on her own, though her father pays for it. She voices her opinions and is a great gal on a whole.

The book did take off to a slow start. The first half of the book has got a lot of details in explaining the characters, their backgrounds. Most of it is a hangover of the first and second books and could have been avoided if this book was about new characters.

However, post halfway, the story comes onto its own with more focus on Viraj and Gayatri and the love blossoming between them. In this part, the earlier characters are relegated to the background and appear on a need basis.

The characters of Gayatri and Viraj are well-created. Gayatri is very focused and does not give into much drama. The author gives us a lot of tidbits about Viraj and on why he behaves and ‘acts’ as a mad scientist.

The rest of the characters Nandini, Sneha, Nikhil and even Aditya in a special appearance sound the same. I liked the friendly banter between Nandini and Sneha. There are some Hindi words and references to Bollywood movies and songs which only an Indian reader can identify.

I can imagine the book as a Hindi movie with a terrific ending. The book is a quick, light read and enjoyable. The language is good and flows smoothly.

varshaAbout the Author: 

Varsha Dixit is the author of the bestselling novels, Right Fit Wrong Shoe (2009), Xcess Baggage (2010), Wrong Means Right End (2012) and Only Wheat Not White (2014). She worked in the Indian television industry before moving to the US with her family.
Varsha actively interacts with readers through her website and Facebook author page. Her Twitter handle is @Varsha20.

Author: Varsha Dixit
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: August 2016
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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