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Who is Vadhan?

There are always stories running in my mind. Everything is a story. I love to build a story around any incident or fact or even circumstances. Most of the stories I build are in my mind. When other stories crowd in, the older ones disappear. Sometimes (when I am less stupid than usual) I make notes.

Out of all the notes that I pen down, I pick and choose what I want to conjoin into the different books I am working on at that time. I am also fully capable of writing more than one book at a time. Thus, I was writing Agniputr even as I was fine-tuning my book Shatru which is the first of the Kronikles series. Similarly, I was writing the second book in the Kronikles series when fine tuning Agniputr. I am currently writing the third book in the Kronikles series and wanted to take a break so I completed my first non-fantasy thriller based on the Pharmaceutical industry before resuming book 3.

I am a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy. A little moody sometimes perhaps, but then, I am a writer, after all. I love humor the most and horror the least. I love to laugh. Guess what, I haven’t yet started on a comedy book while Agniputr, my latest release, has a little bit of horror in it though I have sprinkled dollops of humor hither and thither.

Why do you write?

That’s my nirvana. It’s as simple as that!

What made you write this book?

A nightmare made me write Agniputr. Yes, it’s the truth. The idea for the book came out of a childhood nightmare. I started the book when I was twelve years old. For many reasons, I couldn’t finish it then. I am glad I finished it now.

Having said that, let me tell you what makes me write any book. It’s a compulsion, a drive to tell a story that no one’s thought of before. To grow an idea, nurture it, pen it down and take it to readers who’ll either appreciate it or throw my work into the bin. Thankfully, till now, there’s been an overwhelming response. A positive response, that is.

About the book

Of the many reviews that my book, Agniputr, has got with national and local newspapers, literary magazines and bloggers, they all agree that the book cannot be classified as belonging to a single genre. I think that’s one of the unique things about the book. If you ask me, I’d say it touches readers on many levels, as a fantasy, sci-fi, politically, as a thriller, in terms of law. It also has many emotional flags such as patriotism, sacrifice, second chances, love, betrayal and more.

Agniputr is the story of a lawyer and a quantum scientist who, through a set of circumstances, find themselves fighting a potent energy that will destroy the world and a powerful politician who wants to harness the energy for his own reasons. The only way to save the world is to decipher an ancient Vedic phrase using quantum science. As the energy gets ready to break free of its shackles and the politician is set to kill them to harness it, the couple are running out of time. Will the energy destroy the world as we know it, will the politician harness the energy or are the couple caught in an even deadlier game?

What do you think the readers will love about the book?

The book dovetails ancient knowledge with futuristic science while keeping the reader on the seat’s edge. That is Agniputr’s USP. The newspapers and bloggers have given rave reviews of the book so far.

Do you have a writing schedule? How do you deal with writer’s block?

No writing schedules. I like to work arbitrarily. Anything resembling a routine will disrupt the flow. Funny thing is, when it comes to my legal consulting work, the inverse applies.

How do you balance writing with a day job?

I am a lawyer by day and a writer by night, a little like ‘The Daredevil’ except my characters bust up the bad guys instead of me! My company, Sand Legal, advises companies on compliance management of large corporates. It’s a legal consulting firm with a bunch of lawyers. The consulting keeps the home hearth warm and affords me the leverage to write books.

Tell us more about your body of work and inspiration to write

I don’t have one single inspiration. Everything around me is a story waiting to unfold. That’s my outlook of life. I have a great love for words. Stories to my children started it all and when I started to write the Kronikles, I found myself in utter bliss such as I had never experienced before. I had found my goal, my objective and inspiration, all of them rolled into one.

The first book in the Kronikles series was out in 2015. It did well both with critics and with the readers. Agniputr, though my second book is not part of the Kronikles. Currently, it is a stand-alone story. 2017 will see Kronikles book 2 and maybe the year after that will see my legal-action thriller. Then there is Kronikles book 3, which I am working on right now. I am also about to start research on a new series on a subject that I find absolutely amazing.

All of this is planned always hoping that my staunch readers would still like to read my books and I am around to write it for them.

Vadhan’s favourite authors and books

Many authors have inspired me. I am a big fan of the Great Indian Novel by Shashi Tharoor, Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy, I absolutely admire Ashwin Sanghi’s research for his books and Devdutt Patnaik’s penchant for detail. I utterly worship P.G.Wodehouse. I am a great fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dame Agatha Christie. Being an ardent fantasy fan, I love JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, RR Martin, Jim Butcher, Russel Kirkpatrick and many others. On the thriller front, Stephen King, Dean R Koontz, Lee Child and my all-time favourite, Robert Ludlum. The list is endless, I can go on and on.

Your advice for aspiring authors

Write. Whenever you can, wherever you can, however you can. Don’t worry if it’s coming right, you don’t get to decide that, your readers do.

Don’t write because you think it’s a quick-money making scheme. It’s not!

Author: Vadhan
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release: September 2016
Genre: Fiction / Thriller
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