Using Social Media for Book Marketing

Let me get to the meaty part of the post directly, but, via a few questions.

  • Why do you market your book? – For readership!
  • Who do you think will buy your book? – The target audience of the book, which differs according to the genre, theme, storyline and a few other criteria
  • Where most of your target audience are available? How do you get in touch with them? – Huh! Social media.

If we divide the target audience strata age wise, most of them are available in the most widely used social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, etc.

Though there are companies which would help in effectively marketing your book, there are means where you can do the book marketing by yourself without having to spend money but time. Yes, you have to spend (read invest) a lot of time.


If you wonder if blogs are a part of social media, yes it is. There is an article by Brian Clark on this. So, start blogging what you are good at, as an author you must flesh yourself out with short stories, micro tales, quotations, write-ups, opinions, etc. This way you build your reader base, join blogging groups; there are many online sites that help bloggers to find like-minded folks to interact with.


Create a Facebook page for your novel, a month before its release and keep posting quirky snippets that are intriguing or interesting. You can also use Facebook campaigns that come with a price tag that would cost you a few hundred notes per week. Share it across with your friends, family, etc., and share them on a few groups where your defined target audience and book lovers cloud. You can also announce contests with giveaway to spread the word and create a sensation before release.

Through Facebook, you can share your blog posts across and get more traffic, a blog with excellent posts will get more followers and you can eventually build your mailing list. This will further help in Email Marketing.


Twitter is the best tool for contests and interaction, throw a contest for questions and schedule a giveaway for the best question. Hashtags play an important role, and there are chances where the contest hits the day’s trending tag and reach more number of people across the world.


Pinterest has the best with inbuilt SEO, so anything that you would do with Pinterest will help you boost the traffic. Create your tabs as boards and pin details on Pinterest, I use Pinterest to share my micro mini tales, further you can flesh it out with character boards and storyboards which will interest your readers and show at the search result.

Bear in mind, book marketing has no predefined structure to follow; it changes according to the book and the author. It is recommended to do enough research and reach the right marketing people, if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

As an author myself, I would rather encourage you to put your heart and soul to market your book which will have a personalized touch. Because, readers love interactions and interacting with authors makes them feel closer to the book!


Kavipriya Moorthy is a Chennai based author; her first novel “I don’t wear sunscreen” is a chick-lit novella that talks about dealing life’s depths and negativity. She is an ace blogger, writes short stories, micro mini tales and researched articles about writing & publishing. She is a certified CEFR level B2 from British Council and has also completed a Creative writing course from the university of California. She conducts workshops in writing to elaborate the process of writing and publishing a book.

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