#UpForReview : Two Leaves And A Bud

What does ‘Two Leaves And A Bud’ remind you of? Surely, the lush tea gardens and fragrant steaming cuppa. But in this book, M A Chacko brings forth a different flavour from Kerala – stories about the handful Syrian Christian community. Pick up this one for rare and beautiful stories.

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From the blurb:

In Two Leaves And A Bud, M. A. Chacko shares his rich insights into the lives of the Syrian Christian community of India. Three distinct stories weave their magic in this novel: The first, The Faithful Husband, stars Seby, a true Sunday Christian, who has acquired land from the Malabar Namboodiris and contrives to retain the land for his family, using any means.

The protagonist of the second book is a young Catholic boy from Kerala, who sets off for greener pastures to earn a living as a construction worker. Chacko fluently discusses the interplay of family, values, society, marriage, dowry, and property on the day-to-day life of the community.

The Holiday, the final book in this trilogy, is a day in the life of Raymond, who wanders through old haunts in Goa on his day off. With its leisurely pace and graceful style, The Holiday gently touches ethics, culture, politics and religion in this multi-cultural tourist hotspot.

About the author: 

M. A. Chacko originally hails from Kerala. He started as a school teacher in Goa and retired as the Principal of a Higher Secondary School after a long teaching career spanning more than three decades. He presently lives in Goa, having made it his home, and pursues his passion for writing. He is the author of three other books: The Circus and Other Stories, How He Met Me and Other Stories and Those Memorable Days.

Author(s): M A Chacko
Publisher: The Write Place
Release: September 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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