#UpForReview : Tarikshir – The Awakening by Khayaal Patel

Set in 19th century Rajasthan, Tarikshir by Khayaal Patel introduces young prince Rudra Pratap Chauhan and his thrilling, dangerous world. A prince who will be in charge of the state amidst turmoil. Will he be able to survive with his duties and save his state? Read this one if you like exciting novels set in grandeur backdrops.

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From the blurb:

A small princely state in Rajasthan is the last bastion of resistance against the might of the British Empire. While unrest surrounding the sudden death of the king of Devangarh grows, young prince Rudra Pratap Chauhan prepares to ascend the throne….

…As Rudra struggles to manage his new responsibilities and investigate his father’s death, dark secrets will be uncovered that will disrupt life as he knows it.

About the author: 

Khayaal Patel is working on newer stories set in Rudra’s exciting universe, and when he is not, you can find him reading comic books, watching movies, trying to figure out the secrets of the universe and indulging in his incredibly unheakthy addiction to anything chocolate. This is his first novel.

Author(s): Khayaal Patel
Publisher: Westland Books
Release: August 2018
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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