#UpForReview : Rakshasas – The Shadow Warriors

Rakshasas by Rajiv Menon is the second of the Vedic Trilogy. Asuras versus the Vedas, demons versus gods – all in the pursuit of conquest of the Bharata. It’s a fascinating story based on Mythology, retold in a unique way.

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From the blurb:

The world is in turmoil. Naraka and his formidable Asura war machine march unhindered across it bringing once great nations to their knees. They have now set their eyes on the ultimate prize — Bharata, the land of the seven rivers…

…In this second installment of his Vedic Trilogy, Rajiv G. Menon weaves a rich and vibrant tapestry of the epic struggle between earth-worshipping feminine cultures that live in harmony with nature, and the patriarchal forces that seek to tame her.

About the author: 

Before setting out on a writing career, Rajiv G. Menon was an actor, screenwriter, traveller and a beach bum. A voracious reader since childhood, he was fascinated by stories and characters from Indian, Greek and Norse mythology. His other interests include swimming in the ocean, forest walks and motorcycling. He lives in Bangalore with his wife Dimple and son Vir.

You can contact him on his website.

Author(s): Rajiv G Menon
Publisher: Westland
Release: June 2018
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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