#UpForReview : Obsessed by Ruchi Kokcha

The death of a millionaire prompts investigative journalist Avik to start working on the case. But he will have to deal with the victim’s daughter and slice through her madness to reach the truth. Will he be able to emerge victorious and sane? Ruchi Kokcha has penned a gripping debut novel to explore the world of investigative journalism.

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From the blurb:

Investigative journalist Avik has finally found the one case that could bring him glory. Or death. As the mystery behind millionaire Kalki Rajput’s murder grows thicker, Avik is forced to risk it all to bring out the truth that has eluded many before him.

About the author: 

Ruchi Kokcha is a poet and passionate reader with a Masters in English literature from Delhi University. She has taught creative writing in Hong Kong. Obsessed is her debut novel.

Author(s): Ruchi Kokcha
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Release: May 2018
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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