#UpForReview : Mango People In Banana Republic

Do you identify yourself with the Mango People or Aam Aadmi of India? Here’s a story about a bunch of such people and how their lives are changed with a dash of spirituality and liberation.

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From the blurb: 

Ravi Bhalerao, a well-placed business consultant is snubbed at an appraisal and ends up visiting his home village in Vidarbha. He seeks truth on his journey – about himself and about the world. Will he get all the answers he is looking for? Or will the wound in his posterior simmer and poke for the rest of his life? And then there is Anand. A physicist who is on a spiritual mission. What will he find on his journey? Will he get the answers to his questions about liberation?

About the Author:

Vishak Shakti is a Tech. Product Manager and a writer by compulsion. Writing helps him rant, vent, indulge, and purge. He loves cricket, television, writers with irreverent voices, literary thrillers, philosofiction, and compelling non-fiction. He has written for the likes of The Hindu and MSN India. In his opinion, entertainment, artistry, and relevance – in that exact order – are the essential ingredients of a good book.

His latest book, Mango People in Banana Republic released in March 2018.

Author(s): Vishak Shakti
Publisher: The Write Place
Release: March 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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