#UpForReview : It Happens By Karan Sharma


It Happens is a story about how Gautam, a twenty-five-year-old upcoming professional and Roshni, an unmarried thirty-seven-year-old senior management member working in the same multinational bank, face this very question – what happens when two adults with an age difference fall in love? Can two people with such a vast age difference be compatible?

It is the season of unusual romances and Karan Sharma brings up this beautiful story about a couple with a very discernible age difference who face the society’s wrath. It is a story about love and celebration of love in this age of violence and differences. Will this couple survive the storm and save their love? Or will they perish like most others? Read the book to be enticed by love this winter.

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About the author :

After more than twenty years of working in a highly successful family business and owning a popular brand in the interiors industry, Karan decided it was time to get into self publishing—an idea that came to mind when he saw his son having so much fun reading books.

Karan has a beautiful family with two young boys, Aakash and Aayansh, and Aarti as his lovely life companion. He is a commerce graduate and a battle-hardened businessman. His other passions include both playing and watching cricket and football, as well as being an avid traveller.

Author(s): Karan Sharma
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: 2017
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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