#UpForReview: Double Bonanza, Two Books by Sumrit Shahi


Sumrit Shahi had his first novel published while he was still in school. Several books and screenplays for television followed in the years. Here’s a chance for you grab the two latest books by him, released this month!

We have 10 copies up for review, apply here for a copy. We will send you any one of these two books for free in exchange of an honest review.*

Why read these?

It doesn’t happen frequently that you get to choose between two fresh-off-the-press books from a bestselling author, get them for free and review them. What’s better – you get rewards to read two amazing books! Sumrit Shahi is a heartthrob of millions of youth in India and it’s a pleasure reading two entirely different books by him at a go. So, take total advantage of this double bonanza and choose your read this season.

A Lot Like Love…A Li’l Like Chocolate is a story of first love in the age of social networking. Arnika and Shadab find each other, love blooms with the help of BlackBerry and Facebook and soon their world revolves around each other. But life takes a different turn when they have to move to different cities, miles away from each other.

Can a Girl and a Boy Be… Just Friends? is a coming-of-age tale of two best friends who navigate their way through their teenage years figuring out if they are just best friends or more than that.

Pick any of these two books to review here. They will be cherished read and a great garnish for your bookshelves!

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Author(s): Sumrit Shahi
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: August 2017
Genre: Fiction/Romance

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