#UpForReview: The Corporate Jungle – By Seema Raghunath

The Corporate Jungle is a guide to organizational politics. It will help you identify the Jaguars, the Lions, the Cats, the Bears and other types within your organization.

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Why read this?

Doesn’t that sound fun? Imagine gliding through your office corridor and halting face to face with the Jaguar or Bear. I mean, your colleague or boss who resembles these animals in their characteristics. The Corporate Jungle is an invaluable guide to this organizations politics by HR professional Seema Raghunath to let you breathe amidst the jungle and survive with amazing tactics.

About the author:

Seema Raghunath is a well-established speaker, facilitator and practising executive coach. She is an organization and leadership development expert with over twenty-two years’ experience, spread across industries and geographies. She is the founder of an online self-help solutions’ hub, www.collegoflifelessons.com (COLL), which addresses issues parents, teenagers and working professionals face.

Author(s): Seema Raghunath
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Release: July 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Corporate
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