Unreturned Love — By Preetam Jangid

Read this dark and unusual verse by Pritam Jangid on Unreturned Love for #RomanticRendezvous.
“Unrequited love is the infinite curse of a lonely heart.” – Christina Westover Like
It hangs dank, viscous in the air. Dripping from the ceiling in long thick, jet black tendrils.
It tastes like brine, like bile, like the decaying fish on the tongue of a starving man. Caught clawing at the back of your throat, tearing at the soft tissue, lest you forget that it’s there.
It’s seeps through the flesh, past the arteries, metastasizing in internal organs. Chewing at your soul, poisoning your thoughts, laying down scar tissue with the efficiency of a chainsaw.
It’s pervasive through life from the cradle to the grave, in the playground, the workplace, the friendship groups that do and don’t matter. A glutinous, textured weight we all shoulder, because none of us are spared.
You’ve seen it all before, under every single guise. The duplicity, the dishonesty, and the down right lies. It’s why you don’t trust, don’t engage, don’t ever let them in. And still, somehow, you’re always so surprised.
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