Unlawful Justice – By Vish Dhamija

Unlawful Justice – Chilling, Infuriating, Moralizing, Vindicating

Rapes of women have always been treated as the victim’s fault. Even in this time and age, there are people who think the victim should be in her “limits” and not “lure the rapist.” It is about time that this abominable thinking is rectified. And this is what author Vish Dhamija tries to do in Unlawful Justice. With a dialogue that boils your blood and makes you understand your own sensibilities, Unlawful Justice does complete justice to the topic at hand.

Hard-hitting Plot, Beautiful Prose

Unlawful Justice tells the story of Baby, the daughter of the Diwans’ domestic help Gayatri, who is raped brutally. When the rapist is found dead in his own compound, the investigation turns into one of murder. Are the two crimes related? Did Gayatri set out to take revenge against the criminal who so cruelly had his way with her daughter? Will the Diwans, with the help of their closest friend, Akash Hingorani, be able to prove that Gayatri is innocent?

Vish Dhamija has a way with words. In just the first few pages of the book, the beautiful prose comes through and hits home. The sensitive issue of rape, along with the minds that still pollute our country with the rotten way they see rape, has been addressed magnificently. While rape has been prevalent for ages, the disgust for it has found a voice only recently. And this book demonstrates the mentality that promotes rape and the one that vehemently proves that it is disgusting in every right.

Realistic Representations

Unlawful Justice not only depicts the trauma a rape victim undergoes, but also shows the mentality of an unapologetic, cocky rapist. As the story progresses, you start to sympathize with the wronged. More than that, the fury that engulfs you at the realization that wrongdoers like Maheep and Maninder Singh exist in real life cannot be quantified. This is testimony to the brilliance with which Vish Dhamija has outlined all the events in the story. The most saddening and heartbreaking part, however, is that incidents like this happen across the country. And most of the time, we as a people, intentionally or unintentionally, turn a blind eye to it.

Our Judiciary as Shown in Unlawful Justice

The Indian judiciary is not particularly known for its speedy delivery of justice. But in Unlawful Justice, Vish Dhamija has taken the liberty to fast-track the case. This serves as a reminder of the real world as well as that there is hope for us to become as efficient as the book shows. Dhamija acknowledges this fast-tracking in a note at the end of book, rightly saying that the book would have dragged on if that wasn’t done. In addition to this, the courtroom drama is well-laid out, more to show the power justice has over injustice. The narrative shows how important it is to have a competent advocate on your team who does all his homework well in advance and is prepared to meet the problem head on.

Last Word

Vish Dhamija’s Unlawful Justice is a total page-turner. The author does not build interest gradually, but instead, holds it right from page 1. Well-written characters, well-woven plot line, and an ending of this level makes sure that Vish Dhamija has only one way to go: forward!

Author(s): Vish Dhamija
Publisher: Harper Collins India
Release: May 2017
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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