The Unforgettable Valentine’s Day — By Anusha Judith

Diamonds or Platinum? Will the ring be for her or someone else? Read this heartbreaking story by Anusha Judith for our prompt #RomanticRendezvous on Unreturned Love. 


Shanaya was bursting with excitement as she set about preparing for the next day. It was Valentine’s Day and she had been looking forward to this day for exactly a year and a half. She ardently hoped that Vivaan would finally pop the question.

Aah, the Gorgeous Vivaan Mehra! Little girls swayed before him, teenagers swooned and young women tossed their hair back and smiled, trying to make an impression. He was perfection personified. Tall, tanned with eyes the lightest shade of grey, an aristocratic nose and a physique that would put the runway models to shame. This Delhi boy, schooled in Mayo College, Ajmer, with an MBA from Harvard and a start-up to his credit was Mr Right in every way and Shanaya wanted to be his Miss Right.

Vivaan had been dropping subtle hints for the past few weeks. Innocuous questions like “Which are the best restaurants in town for a romantic date ?”,  Pat came her reply, “The Sassy Spoon, it’s a personal favourite. The food is to die for.” Or a few days later, “ You use Chanel No 5 right?” Taken aback by the question she answered “ Yes, Why?” “Oh Nothing,”  Or the latest one that came like a bolt out of the blue, when they were grabiing a bite at McDonalds, ““ Diamonds or Platinum?” She replied, “Diamonds are a girls best friend, but I think Platinum says elegance and class like no one else, so I’d say both. Tiny diamonds on a platinum surface.” He nodded thoughtfully and continued eating .

Shanaya was too excited to fall asleep. She tried everything, counting sheeps and goats, recounting her day to herself. When everything else failed, she brought out Wuthering Heights, one of the most celebrated romantic novels of all time and one that successfully, managed to put her to sleep, every single time.

The next morning, Shanaya put in a lot of effort in getting ready. She had chosen her outfit carefully. A white sleeveless shirt tucked into a red pencil skirt. She left her hair loose, instead of the usual ponytail. After fussing over herself some more, she left to go to work, hoping to run into him on the way, like she usually did. One of the many perks of working in the same building.

Unfortunately she did not see him at all. She did not lose heart. She sent him a text asking him his plans for lunch. No reply. She chalked it up to meetings and continued editing her article. By noon, she still hadn’t got a reply. Her stomach was protesting and she could not ignore it any longer. Exiting her office, she ran into Vivaan, he was accompanied by a good looking model, whom Shanaya recognised from the many photo-shoots they had done together. She could smell the familiar Chanel No. 5.

“Shanaya, Thank God, I was coming to meet you only. Meet Myra, my girlfr.. sorry my fiancée. I proposed last night and she said yes. I’m the happiest man in the world right now. This lovely lady has agreed to be my wife.” He said pulling Myra closer.

Shanaya could hardly believe it. She tried hard not to cry and let her try emotions show. Poker face, she reminded herself. “That’s wonderful, Congratulations!” She said trying to mean every word, even though it killed her from within. The model smiled and tucked a lock of hair behind her year, giving Shanaya a clear view of the platinum ring encrusted with a single diamond. Shanaya could hear her heart shatter like a crystal ball into a million little pieces.

“We are off to The Sassy Spoon, would you like to join us?” Vivaan asked, his beloved securely latched on his arm. “No. Thanks, I have some work to finish. You guys go ahead. Congratulations once again.” She returned to her office. She packed her stuff and told her to secretary to hold all calls till the next day, she was taking an off.

Back home, she curled up in bed and cried her heart out. Wiping her eyes, she switched on the bedside lamp and found Wuthering Heights beside it. By far, the most famous tale of unrequited love. She picked up the book and started reading it, this time with the intention of finishing it. She knew now, that some things were not meant to be.



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