Top 5 Indian Authors for Cookery Books

Madhur Jaffrey’s Potato and Pea Curry

The inhabitants of India have got the most unique and exceptional taste buds. There are countless cuisines prepared in all the regions of the country. Talking about the most scrumptious food of Punjab that is rich in spices and most delectable food of Gujarat, there are numerous types of food that are served in the country. Clearly from the above mentioned statement, people of India love food and that is the reason for their rapid acceptance of foreign cuisines like Mexican and Italian. It is mandatory for every woman in India to be perfect in preparing best of the food as it is the culture as well and moreover it is the ideal way to keep the family happy. There are countless cookbooks that can teach you to be a perfect cook and prepare unique and lip-smacking meals. It is the author of the book that puts life in the words and makes it worth for the readers.

So today we will read about the top authors of best cookbooks in India, take a look below:

Madhur Jaffrey: Madhur Jaffrey is an award winning author and she has written some of the best seller cookbooks in India. Born in the year 1933, Madhur is 81 years old. Besides writing, she is also an Actress and active in radio and theatre. She was also a television chef. She has a magical grip over her words and her books were super successful as the recipes are described neatly and clearly in the books.

Monish Gujral: Monish Gujral is the Managing Director of Moti Mahal Chain of Restaurants and a perfect cook. He is also an author and has written many award-winning cookbooks. One of his best seller books is Moti Mahal – Tandoori Trails. The book features many delectable dishes of Northern India and all the dishes are also available at the Moti Mahal Restaurants.

Chitrita Banerjee: Chitrita Banerjee is an idyllic author who writes books on food, especially the Bengali Cuisine. She has written some of the most revolutionary books on food and made a bright mark in the history of best authors. Chitrita has received Additional Award in the year 1998 and 1999 for writing most resourceful books on the food history. Her books are one of a kind and customers really admire her writing style a lot.

Vasantha Moorthy: Vasantha Moorthy is the writer of the best seller cookbook called “A complete vegetable cookbook”. This young author has done a great justice in illustrating the recipes in earnest way and has described the South Indian cuisine in numerous dishes. Moorthy has written many other cookbooks that have been quite appreciated by readers.

Narayani V Nayak: You must have heard of the best seller cookbook “500 Easy Recipes” and also about its author, Narayani V Nayak. The author is quite good with her words and the illustration of recipes is amazing. Her books are quite helpful and offer a great assortment of dishes on various cuisines.



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