Top 10 Q&A with #Superwomanwriter Madhuri Banerjee


When a 1 hour twitter chat with the author goes on for almost the entire day. You know this author definitely has a really impressive fan following.  Tagged as Relationship expert ,  Bold & Beautiful to The one who breaks stereotypes with her every book. Presenting ladies and gentleman your favourite #Superwomanwriter Madhuri Banerjee.


Q. When did you decide to become a writer?
A. I was born as a writer. Wrote my first novel at age 12. A documentary at age 15. And poems since age 16.


Q. Most terrifying moment as a writer?
A. When you sit in front of a blank word document and don’t know where to begin.


Q What does your family think of your writing? Especially the bold subjects you deal with ?
A. They support me. My family loves my writing, think I’m a revolutionary writer who will start dialogues and break stereotypes .


Q. Some topics are better left unsaid, but how do u gather courage to write about them?
A. Just say things people left unsaid if you truly believe in it.


Q. One change you desperately seek for the betterment of coming generation?
A. That they read more and pause before they react.


Q. What’s your take on the mushrooming of the budding young writers? Does it question about the writing standard?
A. Yes. But if there’s an audience, then good for them. There’s room for everyone to express themselves.


Q.Advice for people who are thinking to write for the first time?
A Think characters, plot, twist and end. Then start.


Q. Do you think past relationship secrets should always be kept hidden?
A. More or less. Half the truth shall set you free enough.


Q. Why people cheat in relationship ?
A. People cheat in relationships because they’re lacking something they think they need.


Q. What has been the best compliment you have ever received ?
A. I don’t know. Why don’t you give me one. 🙂

Madhuri Banerjee : Author of Forbidden Desires, My Clingy Girlfriend, Scandalous Housewives, Advantage Love, Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas, Mistakes Like Love And Sex, My Yummy Mummy Guide. Screenplay writer for Hate Story 2. Times of India Write India Mentor. Columnist for Maxim magazine. CNN-IBN blogger. National Award Winner. Revlon Relationship Expert. Truly Madly Guest Blogger. Poet. Mother. Love Guru. Beach lover. Books addict. Caffeine fanatic. Yoga, fitness lover. Chocaholic.


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