Too Much Of Civilization..Or is it Just Hangover…

Oh..the frustration of the day..the sweat on the road, the horns of buses, the shrieks of the brakes, the sun piercing through the Ozone and the lovely ladies with their faces covered with a kilometer of white cloth….Finally the dead tired man reaches home..Oh sorry to have misinterpreted the word home, barrack is it,bunker..seems ok.
Then the same useless paneer tikka masala at a suburban restaurant, looking accross the other tables,for a glimpse of a good face, with a feeling to slap the small children running haywire across the table..and bashing into the chairs. screaming like they have lost their knickers.. Well and then comes the time to religiously open a novel..Because yes..that is something we havent done for years but every day we take the burden of this responsibility carefully pushing it to the next day..After folding the novel several times, its time for the regular phone calls with the friends (girls and boys)..yuk!! with all efforts making the discussions to continue and last long, discussing every single useless happening of the day and creating some virtual happenings that dint even happen… And then suddenly the mobile charge gets over..and no one knows when sleep caught the Dead man…..
The roomie arives at 2,slamming the door shut..Uttering a few Holy (dont think too much) words,switching off the lights and parading into his room.. After a few hours suddenly it happens… When growls and hauls capture the dark roads, the eligible looters in the night finish their daily status meetings and are about to go on their regular work targets, the watchmen are asleep with muflers round their faces, as if they dont want to be identified..and the dogs are playing american fussball considering each human as the opposite team and trying to hush them away…Suddenly somewhere 2 eyes flicker and open…the air near the nose becomes moist..light fluids start to flow out of the mouth…the inner self of someone awakens and the dead man suddenly sits up (like half a dozen bollywood flicks where the lead actor always gets up even after a zillion bullets in his ribs)..throws away the pillow..thinks about changing himself from tommorrow, to start studying from the next day morning, to stop thinking about girls and to start working for NGOs’ and charity…Now the Dead Man’s mind is working with the speed of a CERN computer..and he starts to thinkk (dont miss the repeated Ks)….He has made sure that he woke up, before it was too early or too late…And the Dead Man is finally awake…..


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