Tiya – A Parrot’s Journey Home

51ov9ACxC1L._OU31_AC_UL320_SR200,320_Tiya: A Parrot’s Journey Home by Samarpan is about a chirpy and bubbly parrot called Tiya. He is suddenly faced with the urge to leave his old banyan tree home and is thrown into an adventure of a lifetime. Sounds interesting? 
This book is a wonderful account of experiences that one face during the course of life. Tiya, the protagonist parrot listens to the voice of his invisible guide, Hans. Motivated by this he leaves the cosy comforts of his life at banyan and moves into the unexplored lands. Through his journey he encounters myriad types of people and creatures. Each encounter is a challenge of life, and it just keeps getting tougher as Tiya moves ahead in his journey.
Each stage of life is different and offers unique perspectives on the psyche and learning of an individual at that particular stage. This is described beautifully in an event where Tiya initially shows exuberance for being a teacher to all, soon discovers that it is impossible to teach anyone anything.  In addition to this, one also sees that the progression from an insolent young parrot to a poised parrot was not an overnight transition; Tiya had undergone a lot in order to achieve that transition.
The other thing that the book very subtly describes was the importance of all the people that Tiya met in his journey for the attainment of his ultimate stage. This underscored the importance of all the experiences in one’s life. What is worth thinking is perhaps, that there is no clear definition of what all we could achieve, what all we could be, the limit to the function of life is dependent totally on us. However one thing is sure, however and wherever you may take it, it will have to have some essentials like humility, simplicity and truthfulness in order for it to be called a true attainment.
This book will have to be re-read after some time to see which stage of journey I am now at. I hope to return home soon, and successful.
Reviewed byDhruv Joshi
About the author
1.-Swami-SamarpanSwami Samarpan is a monk of the Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math. His first book Tiya , A Parrot’s Journey Home, has been well received throughout the country. His second English book, Param, has also been brought out by HarperCollins. Both Tiya and Param have been supplementary reads at IIM, Indore in some courses. His third book, Junglezen Sheru has been brought out recently by Pan Macmillan. Pathik is his book of Hindi poetry, brought out by Tavleen Foundation, Indore. His other e-books in Bengali (totalling more than 10,000 pages) are available at archive.org. Presently he teaches ancient and modern scriptures at Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Belur Math, Howrah.
Author: Samarpan
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Release: September 2009
Genre: Fiction / Philosophy
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