Tina – By Diptee Raut (Thriller)

Tina (an excerpt)

Tina quietly strolled out of the graveyard. She did not want to be seen by anyone. “The graveyard is not a good place for little girls,” they said. But it was important for her to go there, to go and see for herself. To be sure that Uncle Joe was dead, dead and buried.

fbcUncle Joe had always been a favourite amongst all the kids of the house. But Tina was Uncle Joe’s favourite. They shared a very special bond. Tina was a little girl and Uncle Joe was an old man. Yet, they were best of friends.
Then one day, one very, very unfortunate day, Uncle Joe became extremely unwell.

One night Uncle Joe called her close to him and whispered, “Tina, my love, I do not think I will be able to see the light tomorrow.” On hearing the cruel truth from her Uncle Joe, Tina burst out crying. Uncle Joe lovingly held her hand, patted it and said, “Do not worry. I will come back, Tina. Remember, I will come back to you.

Uncle Joe passed away next morning.
———————–Diptee Raut———————————————————————–

Diptee Raut – She  is from Mumbai but has made Kolkata her home and she would eventually want to retire in a farmhouse somewhere in a village in India. Loves to read, write, sew and quilt, and spend time playing and crafting with her son. She does this during her office hours too, sometimes. She loves writing short stories, humorous anecdotes from her day to day life, tales and conversations with her son on her blog. And she is exceptionally good with the Patronus charm.

She can be reached at: [email protected]

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