Times Litfest Mumbai 2016 : 7 Must attend sessions for Friday 2nd Dec’16 & why

In the filmy city Mumbai, almost the monumental – Mehboob Film studio is all dressed up to witness a large gathering of authors & thought leaders from diverse backgrounds at the Times Litfest Mumbai – for the next 3 days. Come join the celebrations 2nd Dec – 4th Dec. Here’s all that it has in store for us . Today !

Yes, gender and their changing roles in today’s times have been the point of discussion for many many platforms these days. Times group, in all its initiatives particularly Literature festivals have always been the representation of “popular” Indian sentiments. And their recently concluded Times Litfest Delhi also brought together a impressive line up of authors in the national capital.

This year Times Litfest Mumbai , explores the relationship, or lack of it, across time, place, space, profession, family, and oh yes, literature.

Not going any further on their selling of copious amounts of ad spaces & commenting on their principles of journalism or the lack of it, here we are attending some of the very thought provoking & inspiring sessions in the very filmy arena of “Mehboob Studio , Bandra”.  Here are some of my personal picks from this really impressive line up of talks, a link to the entire schedule is also there in their website and the end of this post. So pick yours for the weekend or today & give us a shout if you at Times Litfest Mumbai.

Day 1 : 2nd December , Friday 

1. How Did an Aadivasi Artist Find His Way to the Times Litfest? – With Venkat Shyam, S. Anand, and Ranjit Hoskote.  – 11 am : JSW Hall

Why attend? There is no doubt about the fact that art & culture doesn’t really stay confined to the    intellectuals. But it will definitely be interesting to see the expression of a tribal / adivasi artist !

2. Start-Ups and End-Games – The stakes in today’s hottest business  With Jack Ma biographer Duncan        Clark and Mahesh Murthy of Pinstorm. Shaili Chopra, founder of SheThePeople.TV, guides the              conversation. – 1 pm : Yes Bank Hall

Why attend ? This is what i love about the Times group, they just make sure that the ensemble they bring forward just has everything for everybody. This is personally for the budding entrepreneur in me.

3. WRITER’S BLOCK Authors give their antidotes Today: Palash Mehrotra, Barbara Ascher, and Ryan Lobo. Faiza Khan moderates. 1.45 pm : Pride of cows hall

Why attend? Need I tell you that this is perhaps one of the most widely discussed topics for aspiring writers? No I guess.

4. Ghachar Ghochar: Book author Vivek Shanbhag and translator Srinath Perur discuss family and other microbes. Manu Joseph guides the conversation. 2.15 pm – Times Hall

Why attend? This is one of the  most interesting book that I have picked up last year, rarely you find authors who have such good command over not just one but multiple languages. Plus the theme of this book is extremely relatable & interesting.

5. Diaper Dads and Briefcase Mums – Family dynamics for the millenial munchkins With writers Pallavi Aiyar, Deborah Cohen, and Mahesh Rao. Bee Wilson moderates. 4.45 pm – Yes Bank Hall

Why attend? Again, a very personal choice. Changing gender roles cannot be addressed unless we openly discuss the roles in parenting. So this is definitely a must attend, wish I could drag my better half to this, but well some dissemination will happen for sure !

6. That Man Woman Thing Hilarious, outspoken publisher Faiza Khan and hilarious, outspoken writer Mahesh Rao shoot the breeze. 6.15 pm – Times Hall

Why attend? Writing humor and sarcasm is so very tough and almost impossible feat for many. Wonder what hilarious outspoken writer has to say to tickle some of my ‘funny bones’.

7. Three Mad Men III The Times Litfest’s running gag. Suhel Seth, Cyrus Broacha, Kunal Vijayakar. Need we say more? 7.15 pm – Yes Bank


7. PERFORMANCE Aditya Birla Group Presents Singing the Talkies Musician Vidya Shah sings about that man woman thing, interspersed with a narrative by actor Ashish Vidyarthi .  7.15 pm – HDFC Lawns

Why attend? Here the bigger question is what to attend? After a full day of intense sessions, some music or humor both are very much desirable. So this one’s for you to decide upon.

Festival Website : http://timeslitfest.com/index.php

Download this printable version of the schedule : Comes in a excel format , makes it very easy to plan & navigate in the vene : http://www.timeslitfest.com/schedule-download/times-litfest-schedule-2016.xlsx

See you ! 


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