Time To Smell The Flowers (Ashima Jain)

Time To Smell The Flowers 

ashimaI’d had about enough of fabrics, colours, and designs

And saving costs by the nickels and dimes

Working long and late hours

No time to smell the flowers

Just so I could meet targets and client deadlines?


But in the last few months I realised

How I love to read a book and analyse

The characters these authors conceive

And the gorgeous stories they weave

Reading them makes me feel truly alive


So now I sit back and read all day

I wonder if there’s such a job that also pays

I’d be on vacation all year

With my favourite books near

Life would be just perfect, wouldn’t you say?


But reading and dreaming are not the only things I do

I often write a dozen pages or two

Short stories on everyday life

And reviews of books I read all night

While the coffee and tea continue to brew


I often wonder how I sometimes miss my old job

The pressures, the challenges, and the peace they robbed

Yet I loved what I did then

Never imagined I’d pick up a pen

And discover how writing now makes my heart throb.



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