The Why and How of Book Trailers

Have you watched the latest book trailer of Ashwin Sanghi’s The Sialkot Saga? Kavipriya Moorthy writes on the latest trend of book trailers and everything about them. 

What is a Book Trailer?

A small video about the book to hit the nerves of the target audience with extracts from the book, to increase the expectations and hype, improving publicity of the book.

Unlike posters and other methods of marketing, a book trailer has better reach and more often, people find it absorbing than other modes of advance publicity.

To create a book trailer, you need details about the book with a combination of music that suits the genre of the book and animation or graphics that creates curiosity about the book.

Trailers are supposedly designed to bespeak of your novel to appeal and giveaway the very intention of writing the book and why as readers one should buy the book. It piques the interest without having to word hard on the reach because most are interested in watching videos, even if they are not much into reading books. You get the instant count of the views, likes, comments, etc. This determines the reach of the book trailer.

Types of Trailers to choose

• Thought provoking trailers with music and words, with basic details of the story with questions left at the end to ponder.

• It can be funny – provided the genre is light hearted.

• Poignant trailers with real life incidents or hooks for heartrending novels work better.

• Shoot a small video with real-life characters.

• Create a trailer with one-liner of the novel or with comments from ace reviewers or newspapers.

A good book trailer will not cross 1:30 minutes, and it is necessary to catch the attention of the viewer every second of the trailer.

Although book trailers are enticing, they can also backfire. It is probably important to hire the right trailer and teaser creators; there are trailers that failed miserably due to cheap graphics, fonts that are not good on the images, unpleasant music, etc.

Book trailers are an excellent marketing tool, provided you do it right! A good book trailer might cost anywhere around 5000 INR based on your expectations, but it would vary. If you’re on a tight budget, DIY book trailer sites can be used for the same.

On a tight budget, yet interested to make a decent book trailer all by yourself? Here you go!

• Pick video clips from sites like Video Blocks, Videvo or and put them together with your music and words that suit best.

• Pick enticing images that suit your genre, and book from sites that give away free stock photos or you can also choose to spend as less as 5$ on them – a few sites to pick are Pexels , Unsplash or best of all, get hold of your photography freak friends to click the required or use images from their portfolio, forget not to give them the photo courtesy tag!

• Background music from Free Stock Music, or you can get it for 1$ or a bit more at Audio Jungle and similar sites to use.

Now that the basics are ready to use online tools that help to put these together and create an alluring video trailer.

Stupeflix is one of the best sites to build DIY trailers, or you can choose similar sites. You can also use movie maker or Adobe tools that help to create trailers.

It is not just important to look at best video trailers, but vital it is to view videos that fall on the same lines as your genre, and storyline (if possible).

Comment below, with your all time favourite book trailer and why you like it, let’s get it rolling.


Kavipriya Moorthy is a Chennai based author; her first novel “I don’t wear sunscreen” is a chick-lit novella that talks about dealing life’s depths and negativity. She is an ace blogger, writes short stories, micro mini tales and researched articles about writing & publishing. She is a certified CEFR level B2 from British Council and has also completed a Creative writing course from the university of California. She conducts workshops in writing to elaborate the process of writing and publishing a book.

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