The Watchmaker And Time Is A Beautiful Book

“Time is like a big airplane, and we all are sitting in it. You can’t see it. But it is taking us all ahead from past to the future.”

What can I say about this tiny little book called The Watchmaker and Time by Devang Kanavia? But first things first, it was a beautiful book and I very much enjoyed reading it.

In a nutshell

When I first took a long hard look at the blurb of this book, I was worried whether I would be motivated enough to read it or not. You see, the main genre of this book is discovering oneself and although I’m all up for the notion at all times, I can still not get myself to read such books.

But, I wanted to change that about myself and this was such a short book to start with (not even 120 pages), I figured this would be the perfect start. And it was. Mainly because there was a lot of fictitious environment hanging out there, too. I won’t go as far as to say that I’ll definitely pick another up soon but this was definitely a good start.

Now, as far as the story of the book is concerned, it is a rather inspiring story. Of course, most of it relies on co-incidence and mystery but it is a nicely woven one nonetheless. The climax was something that I could never have expected. Of course then, it turned out to be great for me (if not amazing). I liked how the climax stunned me. I did not see that coming but then, it also confused me a bit. There was definitely a supernatural element to the story. What’s worse is that the story was literally running in loops. Perhaps, the author wanted to give the idea that everything is a loop. He certainly mentions infinities and loops a lot toward the end.

Although I can’t really articulate much about what I liked in the book, I can clearly state the things that I didn’t like. (Pretty critical of me, I know but I have no idea why this is happening!)

What could have been better

Hence, despite liking the context of the story of the book, I ended up not liking the book as a whole. The writing style was plain and there were grammatical errors at more than one places. It isn’t a particularly engaging one and that bothered me a lot because Pedro’s story seemed to be really fascinating (at least until before the climax). Everything was pointing against him and I was pretty excited to see how everything will go but it was not the kind of end I was hoping for the book to receive.

My verdict

Despite that, it captured me alright. And I believe, that is saying something about a book where I did not much like the writing style. (I’m always concerned about the writing styles. If it is not something that fits my choice, I end up not liking the book at all. So, the fact that I gave this book a 4 star says something really exciting about its storyline and the author.) Rest assured, it is an easy read that you can definitely try out if you have some free time at your hand. Maybe, the ending will open your eyes the way it did Pedro’s.

Author(s): Devang Kanavia
Publisher: Embassy Book Distributors
Release: November 2018
Genre: Non Fiction/Personal Development
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