The Wait.. by Geeta Nair

A splash of rain on parched lips and dry skin, the bliss of being drenched and cooled by nature. All this and more in Geeta Nair’s wonderful poem – The Wait. 
Aaah! What is this?
Eyes burning, skin cracking, lips peeling
My head spins
Throat goes dry
I look up to the heavens above
Words fail me
Oh no! Not out of joy
My lips are dry

Eyes bereft of tears

Appeal to the skies above
Show mercy
Shower me with your tears, crystal clear
The skies look down in wonder
Their clear and flawless skin my envy
Say ‘nay, the time is still not ripe’
My eyes droop, my skin hurts
The summer rains have failed
Bore wells dig deep into my bosom
Ready to milk me to the last drop
Helpless I give in, the days drag, I wilt and crack
Come May
Thunder clouds gather up above
I look at them with hope in eyes
Pray the winds will not push them off
I feel a breeze come my way
I cringe
Clouds drift away
My lips hurt, my body burns
June is here
Dark clouds are here once again
I look above with empty eyes
A streak of lightening lights up the sky
The bugle sounds
The war begins
Swords clash
Blood drops fall
My lips are moist
My body drenched
The blood drops here
Are crystal clear
A muddy aroma envelopes me
It’s heady, invigorating
The blood from heavens soothes my skin
I feel relieved and living
The frogs my voice, sing my song of joy
The grass my hair, shivers in delight
The lake my gut, drinks the water cool
The mud my skin, heals makes me young
A rainbow lights up the sky
I smile, a smile of joy.
Write an article, short story or poem on your experiences – your memories of drenching in the rain for the first time, your first rain-date, your inspirations/motivations from the rain and whatever else you like about it. Do include an occasional rainbow if you can, they’re important too!

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3 thoughts on “The Wait.. by Geeta Nair

  1. What a beautiful description of longing and wait for rain. The fulfillment of her desire is vividly depicted as she soaks in the rain. Congrats on being featured here.

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