The Sialkot Saga : Ashwin Sanghi launches his next book at JLF 2016

935014_10151592590474593_736187930_n47 rejections, but he still kept going. India’s answer to Dan Brown. Million copies sold. Four extremely successful books. Ashwin Sanghi the master storyteller of today has pursued his passion for writing relentlessly till he got the kind of name & fame every writer aims for. If there is one thing that describes his writing, it is his “deep dive research” for the backdrop where he sets his stories. Be it Indian mythology or history, the blending of facts with fiction is just flawlessly done in his books.

Born in a family of businessmen, reading was introduced to him at a very young age by his grandfather, who used to gift him books very regularly. Though writing is his passion, something that he has nurtured over the period of time and often describes it as one of the most important of the 3 W’s of his life:  WIFE: WHISKEY: WRITING!

His ability to write about different time periods and still be able to keep the characters and their emotions very much fresh and alive is really commendable. Be it The Krishna Key or the very popular Political thriller The Chanakya Chant. His latest book is “The Sialkot Saga” which is slotted to be released very soon.

So what makes The SS Cover   The Sialkot Saga so exciting? Much awaited? And as the author puts it, truly a “Labour of Love”?

The Sialkot Saga is another historical & mythological thriller from Ashwin Sanghi .Intrigue & mystery of The Chankya Chant is multiplied by two in this book. The author believes that – Easy reading is damn hard writing. Because you have to do enough labour on each word, phrase & sentence. And by the time you reach bottom of the page, there has to be enough incentive for the reader to actually turn the page.[pullquote]More power to you Readers !  Buy Books. Buy Original Books.It costs you less than a popcorn at a multiplex . Do leave a comment below this post on what you think about celebrities endorsing books 🙂 [/pullquote].Story of “The Sialkot Saga”, kicks off at 1947 and traverses through the decades after independence through the lives of two businessmen.The story has references of ancient history and a very ancient mythological story which goes back to almost 3000 odd years. However bulk of the story is 70 years since independence.

Kajol, Westland CEO Gautam Padmanabhan and Author Ashwin Sanghi unveiling the book cover of The Sialkot Saga at JLF 2016

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We really hope this book stands tall just like this grand cover that was launched at the mother of all literature festivals in India. Spontaneous at her best was very gorgeous Kajal and also gracing the occasion was her mother Tanuja. Being a keen follower of the ‘pop culture’ of literature this launch event was truly a great start to the new year !


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