The Sane Psychopath Reads Like A Thriller Movie In Your Mind

About the book

Terrific plot, a horrific crime! A disturbing story, narrated superbly’ —SUJOY GHOSH, Director – Kahaani

It was just another day in Pune. Just another morning. Until a man decided otherwise. And left an entire city horrified . . . scared . . . angry . . . baying for blood. This is the story of Shanker Lande, driver of a state transport bus, who goes on a bone-chilling hour-long rampage on the streets of Pune—killing 10, maiming 70, and damaging over 100 vehicles, before he is captured. In this case of Shanker Lande vs the city of Pune, the difference between the criminal and the victims is clear as night and day. But a young idealistic lawyer, Varun Gupte, a Punekar, still decides to defend Lande. And in the process seeks help from a psychiatrist, a man who lost his son to the same incident. 

My Take on the Book

Be it the synopsis or the cover or the name, each of them in their own right will not only catch your attention but trust me they will keep it for the entire book and ultimately justify it too. I, myself, am the living, breathing proof of it. I sacrificed my beauty sleep and finished it in one night and I will happily do it again. Yes, you heard it right, some books are just worth it. Getting the whole of their essence matters more than anything else. Mere bodily needs like sleep seem non-essential. And the best part, rather the scary part about this entire story is that it can happen to anyone at any time. Be it the idealistic protagonist or the greif stricken families of the victims or the attention hungry politicians who have no problem whatsoever about using someone else’s tragedy to take their agenda further. It all can happen, to anyone living anywhere, at the blink of an eye, cause some demons creep up behind you when you least expect it.

When you are very happy or extremely sad or going about your normal day. They don’t discriminate, they sink in their teeth and drag you to the depths of hell. So, 237 pages later, I am at peace with the book, the plot and with myself. Be it the crime scene or resulting the media circus, the narrative is fast paced and buzzing with energy. The young idealistic lawyer very systematically and steadily steals your heart and burrows deep there. You will at times feel like he has lost his soul and may be is the attention hungry vulture that other people are accusing him to be. But, somehow in the back of your mind you will feel this twinge, that’s it isn’t the case. 

My Verdict

This book isn’t just just a must read for someone who enjoys thriller like me, cause it also caters to non-fiction lovers given the times we live in.The flow of the story is absolutely smooth and makes it real easy to visualize the entire story in your mind. It’s almost like a super-charged thriller movie going on in your mind.

Author(s): Salil Desai
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Release: September 2018
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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