The S word

After the review and interview for her book You Adored, Me ignored , its time to leave the stage for our featured author Ambalika Bhattacharyya. So brace yourself for some regular dose of fresh writing from her right here all this week.  

It was a well known man- a man who ran a fairly successful business out of helping people find joy in life and who visited schools, colleges, offices and similar places where a crowd could be gathered for him to speak on the same subject -who had brought to my notice the kind of following the ‘S’ word had.
It had me amused.
Not that I distrusted him. After all he was somebody who had established his scholarship on this by writing a book about it. Even though it was not entirely an original piece of work, as he admitted it himself. Nevertheless, the had done something worthwhile in establishing to the masses that the S word featured prominently as the reason for failing to achieve something/anything.
And that is what had amused me. in addition to the fact that he had the courage to admit his lack of originality.
But coming to the ‘S’ word- Saturn.
It might as well have been Satan or Santa , as one of my sharp minded witty young friend who likes to play with words , had pointed out.  But no, it was on Saturn , that huge planet that is miles away from Earth, that a high percentage of my fellow countrymen and women had decided on to heap all the blames of their failures and difficulties in life.
‘How’, questioned the man, ‘is it possible?’
It was exactly the question that I had in mind. I was under the impression that the God/Goddess of Failure belonged to the innumerable collection of deities we normally turned to for help. That, it was a planet, was news to me.
But I didn’t challenge him.
For he had showed up at our meeting in a pin stripe suit  late by thirty minutes with nothing original to say by his own admission. And such people I find hard to trust.
Also, I had a feeling that by challenging him, may be I would lose my own authenticity. Instead, I started my own investigations.
I made a shattering discovery- Saturn suffered from a serious image problem!
It was a planet more about creating obstacles and delays, all of which are corrective measures for heading towards the right choice undertaken by the universe. It is more of a process oriented planet than being result oriented.
Alas, fellow countrymen and women view it with shallow eyes and try to appease it by fasting and praying on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
However, thanks are still due to that man who made us come on a Saturday morning and listen to him all day. Had he not made the point, I would not have become knowledgeable on the Saturn front and therefore end up being the Go-To astro adviser for my office team.
The moment I see them struggling, I assure them that its just a case of their astro chart tumbling through a Saturn cycle and that fasting….
…. But no, I don’t take that advice myself.
I prefer to sing the ode that I have written to Mr Saturn using whatever originality I have.  

— By Ambalika Bhattacharyya 
     Author of : You Adored, Me Ignored 
 – An initiative to feature notable authors. 
You adored me ignored — By Ambalika Bhattacharyya is the book “In Focus”


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