The Peshwa II Is A Fascinating Bestseller

PESHWA! The term itself gives makes me goosebumps. I have always been fascinated and infatuated with Marathas and their way of living. Their strategic mind, political experiments and most importantly, war skills, the more you read about them, the more you fall in love with them. Studying about them during my college days (wow, I feel old), always used to interest me and these were the reasons why I had to pick this book. The Peshwa: War of the Deceivers by Ram Sivasankaran is one of those books written for history students (for sure) and the general mass who loves to read about history.

In a Nutshell

The book starts with an alert when someone from the royal family meets an unfortunate end.

Set during the struggle between the Marathas and Mughal empire, this is the second book of the Peshwa series. On the parallel side, Peshwa Bajirao Bhat is trying to fight back the Mughals from his homeland. The trouble starts when a secret group of assassins, known as the Scorpions, creates various obstacles and threats to the Marathis Rao’s attempts to bring the Emperor to his knees. Now it all comes to Peshwa Bajirao Bhat to stand against all this havoc and capture these Scorpions before they destroy the Maratha Empire. Bajirao has definitely proven this strength from the time being he expanded Maratha borders way broader than his father. For seven years, his strategies and war tactics had made him invincible. There is a constant struggle between Mughals and Marathas, making them the greatest enemies. On the other hand, there comes the long lost conflict between these major powers, a Rajput king, a Sikh warlord, a Rajput king, and a Bundela princess.

What Worked For Me

By the time you reach around the last part of the book, you simply lose yourself within the strategical mind, wit, intelligence, power, pride, what not! Fascinating as it may seem, the book truly depicts the bold, proud, strong, intelligent Marathas mind that actually started ruling one of the most prominent parts of India.

What usually happens, rather I will say what I have noticed, books based on history can’t really depict the story well, the concept might be good, but the depiction ends up being the downfall. In this case, Ram Sivasankaran has done an astonishing work where you actually become a part of the whole plot line. The author has written in a way for which it doesn’t really focus on the scenic beauty but rather on the story itself, I am really happy about that. The facts and pointers used have been well researched.

You can actually visualise every description, every scene, there is a certain amount of violence in the book but that is required, it doesn’t seem piled up. There were certain facts which seemed a little fictionalised but it worked well with the storyline.

My Verdict

This book should be a bestseller for so many reasons. Let me talk about the characterisation. Be it Bajirao, Nizam or Mastani, these three main characters have been developed throughout the book with every chapter. Since I am very choosy about such books, I get bored very easily, but this one, it kept me on the toes. A highly recommended book and yes, a highly recommended series.

Author(s): Ram Sivasankaran
Publisher: Westland Publishers
Release: September 2018
Genre: Fiction/Historical


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