The Magic Within – By Sana Chawla is a book filled with real life inspiration

“May you live in such a way that others will say she is a woman who though ordinary somehow stands out and has a beautiful story to tell” – Daisaku Ikeda

I believe we have an endless supply of love and support from the universe, which works as magic whenever we align ourselves to its laws.  I love simplicity because the things that make you happy are the things you should be doing every day. I enjoy reading motivational & self-help books and follow authors like Gabrielle Bernstein, Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer. And books like Power of Intentions; The Universe Has Your Back & The Secret inspire my body of work.

I believe good stories need to be told

And the people I met inspired me to write this book. These true stories were complied with the intention that the readers will be able to discover the beauty in their own life shifts. A collection of 14 valiant tales of real people and their victories, these true stories have a strong message of courage and vigor, to awaken one’s mission to lead a happier life.

While developing the stories, I have added my personal touch to breathe more life into them, but have strived to keep the writers’ expressions and dimensions intact. The anecdotes are fairly varied in their writing styles – some are about people fighting their inner insecurities and emerging victorious; others document surviving real life disasters by relying on instinct and courage.  The inspirational experiences of our protagonists are victory songs of their indomitable lives.

I hope that when you pick up my book, you will find encouragement to reawaken a sense of awe and renewed reverence for life.

Excerpt from the book –

“My boss at work often said, “Sharn, you don’t have to try so hard!” I heard his feedback as criticism, that I was not doing it right. Any feedback, whether constructive or not, left me  shattered and I pushed aggressively to try harder to progress in my career. I had now developed the third symptom of perfectionism syndrome – the imposter syndrome. Instead of viewing feedback as an opportunity to grow and improve, I felt I was not capable enough. Worried that my lack of competence would surface and prove me a fraud, I pushed even harder and put in more time to achieve more. I was chasing a career goal, but I had lost track of my objective.”

About the book

Whenever we have to deal with any hardship – whether it’s our own negative thought process or difficult circumstances that loom before us – we have the strength within us to persevere. Why is it that some of us break down during hard times, while others manage to emerge victorious? The answer is the invincible spirit that lies dormant in each one of us. When life seems an insurmountable hurdle, it is one’s faith that will get you through. It is up to us to embrace that spirit in order to live our best life.

About the Author

Sana Chawla has extensive experience in the events industry and is associated with several initiatives dedicated to youth and women empowerment issues.
She was born & raised in Bangalore & now lives in Singapore since last 8 years.

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 Author(s): Sana Chawla
Publisher: Sana Chawla
Release: 2017
Genre: Non fiction/Personal Development
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