The Honest Season — By Kota Neelima

2 political rivals fighting for powerHonest season

1 journalist caught in the battle

6 tapes secretly recorded in Parliament

1 government with a lot to hide

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”―Napoléon Bonaparte
Pre-summers in India are always laden with some election or the other. There is big anticipation on the budgets. Crops dry each year, farmers are compelled to suicide, but politicians keep warming their seats in the Parliament. Is there something we can do about it? Well, if not directly, at least we can make ourselves aware of the scenario and the darker side of it.
Sikander Bansi, an unlikely political heir in Delhi, secretly records politicians in Parliament as they haggle to become cabinet ministers, bag defence contracts, dodge criminal charges and collect corporate largesse.
Among them is a rising leader of the People’s Party, Nalan Malik, whose success has come through unscrupulous means. When Sikander suddenly disappears, Mira Mouli, a newspaper journalist with an unusual gift for knowing people’s thoughts, receives the controversial Parliament tapes along with clues to find him. She is attracted to Sikander’s principles and is wary of Nalan’s deceit. But her powers of knowing tell her a different story, one that she can unravel only at the cost of her life.
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About the Author: Kota Neelima, a Political Author in India, has been a journalist for 20 years and holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Jawaharlal Nehru University. She is former Political Editor, The Sunday Guardian and writes on politics, democratic reforms and issues concerning rural poor in India. She is Senior Research Fellow, South Asia Studies at The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, Washington DC. Neelima has written three books of fiction based on her exploration of Indian politics, her experience as a journalist as well as a researcher.Her last book ‘Shoes of the Dead,’ was immensely popular and acclaimed. She’s an impressionist-abstract painter as well, with solo exhibitions to her forte. 

Author: Kota Neelima
Publisher: Random House
Release: February 2016
Genre: Fiction / Politics
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5 thoughts on “The Honest Season — By Kota Neelima

  1. As per the synopsis, All I could imagine are the treacherous situations embedded in the plot on the outlines of indian politics . Probably there’s one who denied to surrender to the malicious practices & as a result being abducted and leads to chain of events that cause a journalist to excavate the truth behind scams & stuff & Ofcourse the journey must be full of deceptions.

  2. The blurb definitely indicates ‘The Honest Season’ to be a Political fiction. Stories with politics as background have time and again served as a catalyst, a call to action, to inspire people to change their world. There’s no better way than reading quality political fiction to get inspired and learn the tricks of the trade, I think this book would offer the same.

  3. After reading the story outline,I am sure its going to be an insightful journey into the darker as well as the brighter sides(if any) of Political parties and power corridors! In todays times,when every day, citizens are questioning the role played by journalists and the consequences of the various media trials happening around,this story might provide the much needed solace of knowing that Journalism is still an honest profession and it is indeed a powerful tool to revolutinise a society and make the wrong doers culpable ‘If and only if’ used in the Right Way!

  4. Politics has always been the most happening thing in India. People think politics is a drab area. On the contrary, politics is full of mud, dirt and hidden devils. What is.shown.on the surface is a mere trailer. What lies beneath is much murkier. People play games like never before.
    This is why people have lost faith in our political system. Neelima kota is a very good author. Her previous book dealt very delicately with the politics in farmer suicides, and was a fine one. I am positive she will do justice to this subject too. Cheers and all the best.

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