The Homecoming — Ronita Maitra Bhandari

Love, pain, remorse, infidelity – all rolled into this bittersweet story. 

Here’s an excerpt from the story: 

Arjun barged out of the door ignoring Meenu.
The room was entrapped by the left over aroma of the half burnt incense stick and the fading redolence of fried parantha ,Meenu sat beside the window, her eyes squandering away aimlessly, her left grip supporting her left chin and her mind seeking some unanswered questions. This was a regular ordeal which she had become used to…

…Every time ignored by Arjun, Meenu had clutched her immoral, loud self taking refuge in bitter words every time she met Arjun’s drifting eyes, scourging with her loathsome words bitterly, throwing her frustration she would stand there taking off her sari and rubbing her face harshly till it became red cursing Arjun “Are you not a man? Am I not beautiful? Why do you do that to me?” Sulking, crying, without expecting the least of expression from Arjun, she used to take the last refuge of muttering the rudest phrase “You are just not worth being loved.”
Arjun would breathe a sigh and then would move back to make a drink.



Ronita Maitra Bhandari is an aspiring writer. She is a Post Graduate in English literature. Her passion for written words have always kindled the spirit in her to write be it Poetry or Stories, Blogs or journals.

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