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Writing is my escape

I am always looking for ways to run from the real (and usually messy, annoying, frustrating) world. That’s probably why I lean towards writing and reading books that belong to the genres of Fantasy, Mythology and the Supernatural – this gives me a chance to wander and revel in fresh, unusual spaces.

I am the biggest procrastinator and a lazy writer (and a lazy person, overall). But when I do write, I first start on paper and get a couple of pages out of the way before I move on to the computer – there is something very liberating about putting pen to paper. I don’t have the entire story worked out in my head when I start. I find that this makes the process rather boring and predictable; while I do work out a very broad outline, I prefer to let the writing take its own direction.

Writing is a long and often frustrating process, and it is important to keep yourself invigorated and interested throughout.

Sometimes, when I am stuck at a point or trying to work out the plot, I find that it is best to do something that is not related to writing at all – like taking a walk, or playing video games, or even reading another book. Getting your mind off the problem can lead to a Eureka moment, a spark of creativity that comes to you when you least expect it.

So write about something that you like, or, even better, love. It isn’t a great idea to write on genres that are simply popular but you don’t necessarily like or enjoy reading yourself.

The Demon Hunter of Chottanikkara was truly born out of my love for the Mother Goddess, Devi

When I visited Her temple located in the rustic hamlet of Chottanikkara, in Ernakulam, Kerala, I was captivated by the peaceful atmosphere of the main temple. I was just as drawn in by the intense mystical and religious rituals I witnessed in another, more secluded part of the temple: here, beneath a large, Pala tree, a people who had mental afflictions and the possessed were being exorcised and cleansed of their problems. I found the whole experience absolutely fascinating, and also quite terrifying, and I think it has stuck with me long enough to culminate into a story.

I have reimagined the native goddess of Chottanikkara as a demon-hunter and exorcist

The story is set in the Vedic Ages, a time when the demons weren’t simply living inside our heads but outside too, and thus had to be slayed. The protagonist, Devi, is the protector of her village and guards her people against the demons and monsters that creep into their land and attack them. However, she finds herself truly tested when she faces an Evil like no other, a monster that demands her to do something she is unwilling to do. The novel is a supernatural thriller that fuses Indian mythology with Fantasy.

I think the readers will love Devi!

She is a fierce, lion-riding warrior who loves her family and villagers as much as she enjoys fighting evil. She is a perfect composite of the divine and human, of strength and vulnerability, of righteousness and compassion. You will also like the antagonist, the brutal and ruthless Yakshi, who is a villain as strong as Devi is a hero.

About the Author : S.V. Sujatha was born in Madras, the land of filter coffee and elaborate meals and wonderful temples. She is a graduate of the Warwick Writing Programme where she eventually found her calling as a writer and storyteller. She currently lives in the United States of America and is a full-time writer. The Demon Hunter of Chottanikara is her debut novel, born out of her love for the Mother Goddess and passion for Indian mythology.


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Author(s): S V Sujatha
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Release: July 2017
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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