The gift and curse of companionship

A human being by nature is not made to order to stay alone; he constantly needs company, somebody to hear to, and somebody to talk to. Even the bible asks us to thank the almighty for the gift of companionship. And once we have a company, we are assured, once we are assured, we start planning for the future and the future of all the things is the most villainous attribute of life.

I mean let’s look at ourselves, when we were in school, we thought that the friends we have made here would always stay with us and the girl sitting on the fourth bench from here is someday going to be my girlfriend in college and later on may be my wife – then we passed our schools and came to college and let me tell you no matter how good or bad an institute per se may be but college days are the best days of anybody’s lives because those are the days when we feel that the world is on our feet even if we are standing on a 3storey apartment’s terrace. We are the superheroes, the game-changers, the rulers and what not. And here is where we do some serious amount of planning because we have this notion of growing up (well who does grow up?). Once we graduate, we are the world’s feet kicked about in any direction anybody likes us to kick about.

And then, on a Sunday noon, with probably the third cup of coffee, we think about the good old days – when even a 5,000 pocket money bought us more contentment and enjoyment than a five figure salary today. Those imaginations and fantasies used to give us more kick than the handsome bonus mixed with fantastic appraisals. Those 2 stroke motorcycles with petrol always on reserve used to take us to almost any destination we wanted to be at no matter what the odds of it but today, even we can afford the journey by the most expensive modes of transport, we miss the friend’s wedding that woke the whole night to celebrate our birthday.
You know what, it is more about the shared dreams with the palls that get broken that hurt the most than even the most ruthless slang of the world outside. But we scarcely learn from our experience, do we? Haven’t you been planning for the next big project with your present team off late?

………. Micky


4 thoughts on “The gift and curse of companionship

  1. In response to the first comment:

    Thanks for goint through it!

    The idea I tried to get across through this piece was that no matter how many times we have been related to somebody or the other and how many times we have been disappointed with the relationship; it is so very imperative for us to be with someone that we end up making same / similar mistakes again (mistaked pertaining to relationships).

    Also, a sense of being with someone leads to a feeling of certainty, which proves fatal as future is not very certain.

    But, I guess, we are a creature of habit.

    In response to comment 2:

    Thank you! 🙂


  2. Miken, I am living through what u have written here!!!!!!! So very perfect a picture at first look, so deserted and hotchpotch on the other….
    we will soon be discussing something on this line when u have time

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